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Kat Cammack becomes youngest GOP woman in Congress: 'I'm so incredibly humbled'

2020-11-08 | 🔗
Congresswoman-elect Kat Cammack, R-Fla., addresses her historic congressional win on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Pete, an historic victory in for the GOP in Florida, Republican, Kat, Cammack sweeping states third congressional district. She became the youngest republican woman in Congress. That woman joins me fresh off her win. You have to be elated at thirty two years old. You have accomplished something. Few could imagine what has it been like the last couple of days for you PETE. It has been absolutely incredible. Just the most humbling experience of my life so honored that I have the trust and support of the constituents of Floridas Third congressional district and, as I have said on the campaign trail only in America, can someone go from homeless to the House of representatives under a decade to join the ranks of the incredible 117Th Congress, as the youngest woman in the GOP in the country im so incredibly
humbled and frightful for the trust and grateful for the trust of our constituents. Pete impressive background. Only in America, youre going into a city where half of that city believes America is defined by sin, one thousand six hundred and nineteen founding of our nation that America is the problem. How do you revive that view of our country? It starts with why? Why did so? Many of our colleagues get involved in the process in the first place in other to serve and to take that oath serve the United States constitution. You have a long road to travel for me being the daughter, after single mother, our family, losing everything really working class background when we share our stories and show people that you can really achieve beyond your wildest dreams. I think that is what brings us together, because my story is not a republican story. It is not a democrat story. It
is an american story. Im really excited about the opportunity to share that with women, but also millenials and GEN Zs having a voice at the table for the next generation has been something that has been mission. Im excited to deliver that message and really be that voice. I think at this point in time. In our divided nation, we need people that look at the problems and solutions as Americans, not one party versus another PETE. President Trump turned the Republican Party into the parity of the working class that stands up for the forgotten men and women that what what will be your approach as you go into the 117Th Congress for working men and women, it comes down to the America First agenda, the America First platform really focusing on the things that made our country great, securing our supply chain, really focusing on reducing the size of federal government and making it so that Americans can make the best decisions for
themselves and their families. I dont believe a big bureaucratic government is best suited for that. My constituents dont either having that message empowering people having equal opportunity out there rather than equal outcomes. That is what were fighting for in this country. Pete opportunity versus outcome, a huge difference.
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