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Katrina Pierson on Trump returning to campaign trail since coronavirus diagnosis

2020-10-11 | 🔗
Trump 2020 senior adviser Katrina Pierson joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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On Beif half of myself and the first lady, this has been really an incredible outpouring were starting, very, very big with our rallies and everything we cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation, cheers and applause. We cannot let that happen more important. This is the most important election weve ever had. This is more important than even four years ago, I used to say the most important and it was true at the time. This is the single most important election in the history of our country. Get out and vote. Will President Trump at a rally on the White House lawn just yesterday, hes scheduled now to hit the trail this week with several swing states where hell make the case for why this is the most important election here to wreak it down. Is Katrina Pierson, Trump, twenty senior adviser with the process of the second loss of the second presidential debate, these opportunities become very
important. What case will President Trump make in Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa this week? Well, good morning, you may have noticed already are that the presidents re election campaign did not skip a beat. We have been following his courageous lead and keeping up the momentum we launched operation Maga, which maintains some in person and virtual events from the Trump Camly family coalition surrogates. Even the bus tours are on their scheduled routes and the vice president has stepped in to do some of those peaceful protests that thousands of Americans have been participating n, as you can imagine, Now9 that the president has been medically cleared to get back out on the trail hell resume, holding those peaceful protests and in person, events following CDC guidelines and will continue to take his message and his record message of hope, strength and patriotism directly to the american people, drawing a clear
stark contrast with the extreme radical left Harris, Slash Biden, ticket Jedediah Katrina, as will mentioned that second debate has been canceled by the commission. Joe Biden is now going to in place of that second Dedebate do a town hall with ABC. There have been some reports. President Trump would be adding an additional event similar to what Joe Bidens doing with another network. Do you have an update on that at all? The president may do something similar, but look theres, no reason to have stopped the October 15th debate, no medical reason either. In fact, I find it highly suspect that all of a sudden, the debate commission is concerned about Covid, because back in August, when the campaign asked for an additional debate that would precede the first ballots being cast in sixteen states in fairness to the american people. They said no, but the commission scheduled these dates and procedures pre covid and since then the traditional in person campaigning has been throttled for months.
The pandemic was a threat in August when they didnt want to alter the format or the dates, then so im curious as to why its impacting their decision. Now, the president is going to move if forward accordingly and get his message out to the people. Pete highly suspect is the right way to put it as E. It pertains to the moves this commission has made. Can you give us any updates on whether there has been progress or conversations about adding an additional debate? Is it will e it? Does it? Look like itll only be the 22nd. Will that be in person? What can we expect and what could we expect to see it? Well, I dont have any updates for you today. I would imagine thered be some information coming through later this week, simply because the campaign and the president is going to continue to push in fairness for the american people and until then, this momentum that the president has is going to continue similarly to twenty. Sixteen, as we move into the home stretch having multiple campaign
events per day every day, because our president, as ive always said from the very beginning, is a machine with one gear, and that is forward. Yet again, I suspect, regardless hes, going to outwork us all on this road to visibly for9. Another four years of greatness under the leadership of President Trump will ill be watching for those.
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