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Katrina Pierson previews RNC: Trump will focus on the American people

2020-08-22 | 🔗
Trump 2020 senior adviser Katrina Pierson joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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They call it Jerry the EM pourer, with the Dnc now on the books. President Trump is blasting the message from Democrats and their nominee Joe Biden. Over the last week, the Democrats held the darkest angriest gloomiest convention in american history. They spent four straight days attacking America as racists, horrible country that must be redeemed. Joe Bidens sees american darkness. I see american greatness. No party can lead America that spends so much time tearing down America. That was president Trump yesterday. What can we expect from Republicans at their convention next week? Lets ask Trump two thousand and ten again senior advisor Katrina Pearson, thanks for having me PETE, the president laid out what Americans saw last week. What are folks going to hear as you preview the Rnc this week? Well, you know PETE, I think its. What we saw last week, I dont believe many Americans
were even tuned in according to my analysis, but the president is absolutely right. We are going to go from a league of doom and gloom hate for our president and true Disdane for the american people, because most of the people during the Dnc Convention criticized the twenty sixteen election, because you know those Americans just cant, get it right and I think what were going to see next week is a complete contrast. We are going to focus on the american people the way that President Trump has always done since his election in twenty fifteen, its going to be about the love for our of first responders, its going to be about the love for the american people, and now that the president has a record. He will be able to make this point all next week without a media filter to tell all of America exactly what hes been able to accomplish for them in one term, in contrast to Joe Biden and Barack Obama in eight years and Joe Biden specifically over half a century. Pete here are the themes that the Rnc has released about. What
the entireity of the Rnc will be honoring. The great american story, Wednesday, will be land of heroes, Thursday land of greatness weve been covering Portland weve been covering the heroes the police officers there, but no mention at the dnc of these riots. Ive got to believe youll see quite a contrast, its going to be a huge contrast, its not going to be the gaslighting from the Dnc Americans turn on their tvs and they can see whats happening and the Democrats wont even acknowledge it. I think that is a true indicator of what type of leaders they would be. They would ignore the american public, as their cities are on fire, as their businesses are burned to the ground and as their stores are looted. President Trump is going to acknowledge these hot spots. Talk about the solutions that he has and has been offering to these Democrat controlled cities that have really gone snubbed. The contrast is going to be great. The president has a positive message to deliver. He has many policies, hell be able to talk about, and people,
and this is the important thing PETE hes going to have the people, not the politicians, not the Hollywood stars, but the people talk about the presidents policies and how they benefited from them. So all a of America can see how great our president is PETE Katrina, real quick. How will it look different? We effectively had two hour infomercials from Democrats as a viewer. What should I expect? I think you should expect greatness. It is Donald Trump, however, so you know its going to be entertaining its going to be phenomenal, going to be wonderful lots of secrets to keep and no one is going to be lets just say, bored to death as they were last week. I encourage everyone to tune in its going to be a great week next week. We are so proud of our president and happy to be out there touting his accomplishments for the american people, because the best is yet to come. Pete will the president have an audience on Thursday at the White House? Will there be applause people there watching?
You know I dont know if theyve announced that yet, but I will definitely be there and I will be applauding. I think, once we have this speech at the White House and you can better believe its going to be a great speech because its President Trump definitely not a snooze fest like we had last week its going to be exciting, energetic ive been all over the country and people are excited and enthusiastic about reelecting.
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