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Kayleigh McEnany: Media using 2016 playbook that was already rejected by the American people

2020-09-28 | 🔗
White House press secretary joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss debate preparation and the Democratic fight against Trump's Supreme Court nominee.
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Now, between debate tomorrow, Brian Ainsley and Steve Ainsley, thank you Griff lets bring in Kayleigh Mcenany good morning. I want to talk to you about that. What do you make of the timing? The tax thing coming out a day before the debate, and how is he preparing for the debate Kayleigh? We have seen this play out before just before debates inaccurate one at that. This is the same playbook in two thousand and sixteen and the same playbook that the american people rejected and will do so again. The president is focused on the issues and the american people right now. Bringing back the economy v shape recovery looks like super v breaking through barriers, as we aim to get a vaccine by tend to have rate fastest rate in history thats. What the president is
focused on and the results tell the story when you have accomplishments to share Brian, the president is vague on what hours he put in and what he was like. Would you want to expand? Have you been studying Joe Biden and brought the angle to the president? Has the president focused on any category, in particular from the virus to his own record, to race, the riots and the Supreme Court? Have you been? Did you break it up in categories and approach it that way, Kayleigh well, the president went through a number of topics during preparation yesterday, as he has said vocally and publicly his debate. What happens each and every when hes at the podium, taking questions vicious questions at that unfair questions from a media, thats very bias and when he guess on the plane and gaggles on the way there and on the way back, he takes more questions than any president in history,
hes very transparent, unlike Joe Biden, who has been hiding away Steve? Well, we know from the Democrats, who were very effective in twenty eighteen, regaining the majority in the house that, when you run on simply Republicans are going to take your health care. If they win the Democrats won, they are using the Samebook with the president and the presidents pick for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney, Barrett dont trust me just watch for yourself. President Trump sees chance to fulfill explicit mission, steal away. Aca from countless families what I am concerned about, anyone that President Trump would have appointed there to undo the affordable care act if she gets on the court, its a virtual certainty that over one hundred and fifty million Americans health care will be hurt dramatically.
Its very clear from her writings, multiple writings, that she will be the vote that takes away health care from millions of Americans Steve. You have to figure. Joe Biden is going to say that, and we know that during the debate prep, the president, according to Axios, has been using flash cards. What are like, your three bullet points on answering that that, if shes in so many peoples, health care is out Kayleigh. Well, let me say this first and disentangle the issue one, the president, would fever, ask his nominee to prejudge a case, so he would never ask Amy, Coney Barrett or any of his nominees to look at a case and tell him how they would come down. That aside, what I can say about the president and health care is his record says it all. When you really dig into this- and I understand the democrats- may not be looking at the presidents healthcare because they want to deny this- is a health care president. They dont want to bring to light what happened with Obamacare as
facts bear out that under Obamacare from twenty thirteen to twenty seventeen premiums were going up, drug costs were going up. President Trump comes in twenty. Seventeen on premiums come down. Drug costs come down for the first time in fifty years, and you had health care monopolies. These exchanges, with one single Obamacare plan President Trump, bringing us better more affordable health care Ainsley. I want to ask you about writer of vanity fair. That is what she tweeted out talking about Amy Coney Barrett. She said, I guess one of the things I dont understand about Amy Coney Barrett is how a potential Supreme court justice can also be a loving mom to seven kids. Is this like Kardashians, stuffing nannies in the closet and pretending they have drawn their own baths for their own children? Most of us work because we love our job and we have to, and we
have to provide roof over our heads of our children Kayleigh. What a disgusting attack on working moms all across the country. Yes, you can do both. You have a career and be a mother. I was with my 10 month old late last night and I showed up in the morning to work and theres no better example of being a work mom than Amy Coney Barrett, who has seven kids, two of whom she adopted and has brilliant history of juries prudence at Notre, Dame LAW School and on the bench thats an attack not just on Amy Coney Barrett, its an attack of working moms, suburban moms across America, Brian all, all of the mail in ballots. We dont know how its going to come out. It could be so close, it can be kicked to the house. This is what the speaker said to House Democrats quote: the constitution says that a candidate must receive a majority of state delegations to win. We must achieve that majority of
delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so. Its sad that we have to have to plan this way, but its what we must do to ensure the election is not stolen. Your reaction, Kayleigh, yeah, thats, ridiculous. Of course, Nancy Pelosi wants to to play out. She knows its. The only way she can win by manipulating the election with the mail in ballots, because the presidents records stand for itself and the american people recognize it. This is troubling when you find seven ballots in a ditch that was in Pennsylvania. This is happening across the country, and Democrats need to get their act together in states that are doing mass mail out voting its not acceptable way and tenable way to the election.
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