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Keep Big Tech from tracking your phone

2021-01-03 | 🔗
Kurt 'The CyberGuy' Knutsson provides insight on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’
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Organizings sharing photos easy, but are you giving the tech giant more than you think will check out the features uses photos toe, build a map showing everywhere youve been PETE Kirk, the Cyberguy with what you need to know with the segment I opened up my photo found it. It is scary. I have need to delete it now. How do I do it? Thank you good morning will PETE Jedediah Jedediah youre up to the ceiling like I am Jedediah. Yes talking about this. What PETE did you want to see what Google is doing with your photos? We know they track us. They want to know our ever move, but they capitalize on that, but come on. You want to turn the faucet off. First, you want to check to see how your google photo settings are done inside so go launch your Google photos
app and then you look on the bottom bar and tap search and under places section tap the view all and in that places section it is going to show you. This is wild. All of the places you have taken a photo hey seems cool, but imagine if somebody else gets this information when you were there exactly what photo was taken and you can broaden out to see the entire country first. This is weather map. No, this is a privacy storm about to hit us, God forbid something get ahold of the data. What is the owe solution? Disable the photos, map feature log on to Google maps. Go to the timeline, then manage the location, history youre going to see the activity controls page come up, and then you, you see this location history. There is a
little slider bar there, thats blue, if it is on, if you dont, want this stuff on a map for anyone to see that can get into your account, turn it off. So it turns gray. There is auto delete option. You can set a period of time for location data to expire. Something to keep in mind here is that it may turn it off. For you me someone you share it off, but it will not turn it off to Google. They will continue to monitor your location, hey. That is the tradeoff we got into long ago when nobody was keeping their eye on big tech. Now they have a big control of our lives. Cyberguy dot com will walk you through the steps online. At my blog and post a video how it works. It is worth doing kind of cool to see the map you go. What if somebody else has this? What if somebody else had the data? What if a judge said you have to turn over the map and tell whatever narrative whatever
somebody else wants to tell of your life PETE could prove youre innocent. I was there at that. Time could cut either waive through will feels like we lost already just unplug Jedediah its scary. It is scary, curt. As you know, I wrote a whole book shameless plug. Do not disturb you have to opt out of this stuff people. Dont know this is happening. You already opted in. You have to opt out. This is not the first time it happened. This is terrifying regardless. Thanks for the info.
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