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Kellyanne Conway: Trump is well-positioned in White House to be reelected as president

2020-08-27 | 🔗
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reflects on her time working with Trump on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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You Ainsley all right. Thank you. Janice lets bring in Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president. When you listen to reports whats the federal response going to be Kelly, a number of things FEMA has been stockpiling, taxpayers and food and water and all the supplies you need for what has been anticipated. More aggressive hurricane season and FEMA is, on top of this. We work hand and glove with his team on the coronavirus task force response as well and hes. Also he this morning is also wanting people to please stay inside thats. How you stay safe. There could be down power lines in the water until your local officials give you the all clear, which is no time soon. Youve got to stay where you are also. This has gone cat four to cat two, as you said, but still seen as very dangerous. Storm could be a historic storm and folks need to really take those precautions, but the federal government is ready.
I discontinued this last night with chief meadows and the president himself, and we know they are on top of it speaking to officials locally and the administration as they need to Brian Kellyanne great speech last night. We know that youre in the middle of a transition and youre doing great interview quick turnaround, as you said, to exit from the White House, but the big story is going to be urban unrest, whether its a situation in Portland, eighty plus days its in Seattle, its in Chicago almost on a daily basis and now fast forward to Kenosha because of the shooting, the shooting that took place last night, more unrest- and here is what Mayor PETE Buttigieg says. All of this chaos is happening on Donald trumps watch characteristics of living in Donald Trumps, America. I think we are all going to see more and more of it as long as he is in charge. Is this Donald trumps Fault Kelly wow? Nobody is going to buy that. We know that these are
democratic, led cities and most with democratic governors. I think all that we are talking about. Why is that important? Because the republican President, Donald Trump doesnt, look at this as partisan issue, hes trying to send federal reinforcements in and you have governors saying: oh no, you are putting pride and politics ahead of safety, and that makes no sense to everyday Americans who want law and order and want public safety. We saw Gallup poll that said eighty six percent of Americans want the same or increase police presence in their neighborhoods thats over eighty percent of African Americans and Hispanic Americans in the poll. It would be great nice if Joe Biden weighed in long after the violence, not just in Urban America but Suburban America, Kenosha Wisconsin nice that he weighed in. Maybe he should go there and see on the ground. So he and Mayor PETE can see what is happening. Its not Donald trumps watch hes trying to get law and order restored, but I dont think Joe
Biden will go to Wisconsin because the last time a democratic nominee for president went to Wisconsin in twenty twelve hes, ignoring the state as Hillary Clinton ignored the state and they are all ignoring the fact that Kenosha is on fire. Look lets quote the mother of Jacob Blake, just like the family of George Floyd, the family of Rayshard Brooks and others theyre said. Please protest peacefully. She said very clearly stop using my son or anybodys child in the name of your protests. We are so far beyond peaceful protests, and this is why the president and the vice president last night are making a strong case for public safety, and this could come to your own neighborhood. Obviously you know I feel so sorry and I touched upon this last night. I was speaking to specific small businesswoman and got her store ready all over again for the post, covid lockdown and then had to do it all over again after she was vandalized and looted, and this just cant stand.
I also noticed there was a quote today from a restaurateur in Wisconsin saying: are you protestors trying to get Donald Trump reelected? He knows full stop, and I guess Mayor PETE knows full stop that the more chaos and anarchy and violence reign, the better it is for who is clear choice on public safety and law and order. I was in Fort Mchenry when Vice President Pence gave passionately and greatest applaud and standing ovation when he talked about blue line, and we are deep lie: respected military veterans, police border production and police officers, keeping us safe Steve. It was four years ago, Kellyanne, first woman, to successfully manage a presidential campaign, and you did touch on this last night in your speech before the Rnc. Here is the a snipped
Kelly President Trump and Vice President pence have lifted Americans, provided them with dignity, opportunity and results. President Trump helped me shatter a barrier in the role of politics by empowering me to manage his campaign to its successful conclusion. This is the man I know and the president we need for four more years. He picks the toughest fights and tackles the most complex problems he has stood by me and he will stand up for you Steve. So there you are talking about how Donald Trump helped you shatter that you know this is actually for our viewers. This is your last tv appearance before you take off, as was detailed earlier, because theres going to be less drama, more momma at your house, Laughter Steve. Is it going to drive you crazy that you are not going to be there in these last sixty seven days
Kelly? No, if that were the case, I would reassess no im making the best decision for my family, and I told my president on Sunday night and final trip with the president and first lady hes, so well, positioned in the White House and campaign to run and be reelected and thats. Wonderful, because I told him the next two months he focuses on winning and I will focus on investing leisure, wear and Hoover, my kids as they hover over computers to learn from home as fate of millions of school children, nationwide and hes very well positioned. I think that turned around five or six weeks when he did a couple of big things. He tweeted that hes wearing a mask and you wear a mask, resumed coronavirus task force briefings so that are briefs technical in nature, its not confrontation with the press, its information to the public and then also he pulled down his life convention and in person rallies. Basically recognizing that, just like the
rest of the country, they cant go to bars and restaurants, places of work, places of worship and hes, locking onto them and seen what the other side has to offer, and President Trump has, I predictably, they will be up in the polls and the other side will not know how to adjust. You know what I didnt hear last week, a Womans right hear last week a Womans right to choose, because the left is abortion and its just incredible, because they realize theyve lost that issue culturally, they are now defending a platform and a party that is for abortion. Eighth, ninth long after a baby is viable outside of the womb or concealed pain. They also didnt mention school choice. Last week, one of the biggest fault lines
is definitely public safety taking on China and trade deals. Who is standing up for communities of color and african Americans hispanic american kids who rely upon opportunities? They have choices like my children and perhaps your children and for some reason, Joe Biden has stood in the way of that. The last two democratic presidents have opposed scholarships and he would as well theres. So many contrasts, and I want people to know that I had worked hard for decades. A lot of them are snarking and barking from the shrines and never trumpers, but they also have another thing in common: their candidates didnt win and they were in charge. Maybe their candidates should have hired a woman, thats? Okay, I will be unlearned one day and I will have my say
for the time being: im grateful being at public service. I started at age of fifty on Inauguration Day and im, proud of because its meaningful- and I tell young people, particularly young women- learn to accept the word no more than you hear it, because you will face rejection and you will face exclusion and you will face a lot of a lot of disappointment in your lives and in your career. But dont say the word: no be reliable, be the one who raises her hand. Steps up stands in, speaks up and either volunteers or contributes, but ive havent, very fortunate to work for a man who, for decades, elevated women to senior positions. If New York real estate in Trump Corporation, the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, the Trump administration, very natural for him and im very happy that- and this has not been easy, but that my broad mind and narrow ways have not.
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