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Kristen Soltis Anderson lays out huge stakes in Georgia Senate runoffs

2020-11-10 | 🔗
Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson tells ‘Fox & Friends’ Republicans have a slight edge in the Georgia Senate runoffs as the Senate balance of power hangs in the balance.
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Steve the balance of power in the Senate likely coming down to just two run off races in Georgia. Republican incumbent, David Perdue will face Democrat Jon, Ossoff and Raffaele Warnock will face Republican Kelly Loeffler how to break it down what it, how to break it down what it means Republicans hold the Senate if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ultimately victorious through all these legal challenges and she becomes vice president. That would make her the tiebreaker in the Senate. Huge stakes involved here, two seats up for grabs, which would mean, if Republicans were successful. Not only would they hold onto the majority, but they would have one extra seat for willing room in case a senator like LISA Murkowski Susan Collins, decide to break
with her party decide to do so on a handful of issues, Ainsley four Republicans, this race keeping the Senate is that more important than having a republican president in some ways. You know at this point its certainly very important to Republicans, because its going to be able to stop a lot of things that a President Biden would want to do far left to the voter is or Republicans would like to see. It would also influence how a President Biden as judges, one of the things of trumps legacy all of those judges. He nominated that Mitch Mcconnells Senate was able to get confirmed and pushed through very quickly so thats why the Senate is so important, Steve, so Kristin one of the determining factors in making it so close for the Democrats was Stacey Abrams down in Georgia really had a gigantically effective, get out the vote campaign, and so many people from all over the state wound up, registering and voting.
As you see it right now, which of the two parties has the edge going into this runoff Republicans still have a slight edge in my view, even though Georgia is going to flip very slightly blue. After all of this, recount is most likely the presidential level. It is still fundamentally a state thats, pretty favorable to Republicans the question is: did Democrats and Stacey Abrams build infrastructure that can turn people out over multiple election sibletion or more about incredible enthusiasm and excitement at the presidential level, we will soon find out Ainsley. I know Kelly Loeffler will probably get Doug Collins votes. Those two combined might be enough to defeat the reverend. What are you expecting as far as outside money and mudslinging and commercials? What can Georgians expect? Well, the big winners in all of this are local tv stations based in Georgia, because there is going to be an unbelievable truck load of money coming down
to Georgia to put tv ads on the air because its going to be the only game in town up until this November, all of these big party donors were spreading their money out across a variety of races. Georgia has become the only game in town, so its very likely that Georgians are going to see nothing on their tv, but political ads from here. Until that runoff is concluded Steve in those political ads from the Republicans Kristen, I would imagine Chuck Schumer. Where is he going as soon as we win Georgia? We are going to change America in every ad. Absolutely. I think there is going to be a lot of the talk about things like Democrats, saying they want to remove the filibuster. This is not even just necessarily about what the? U DOT s Senate will look like for two years or trying to block Biden, administration and appoint years also about what would the rules of the Senate look like long term? Would they do things like get rid of the filibuster? If Democrats are in charge, some of them have signaled. They are interested in packing. The court Biden has backed away from understanding thats unpopular.
These are the kind of long term issues that go far beyond who is just in the Senate for the next two years that make this race so.
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