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Kurt Knutsson breaks down best beer cooler tech

2020-08-02 | 🔗
Kurt 'The CyberGuy' Knutsson joins 'Fox and Friends Weekend.'
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Pete, how much would you pay PETE? How much would you pay for an ice, cold beer and to answer that question I go to the Fox AMP friends: beer, correspondent, Griff, Jen, Kins, Griff theres no amount. I wouldnt pay Yeti coolers some are priced as high as eight hundred dollars. They promise to keep your drinks cold, Jedediah, thats steep. How do pricey coolers compare to their less expensive competition, our very own, Kurt Knutsson, the cyber guy he tested four brand name coolers so find out which are best to beat the heat. What did you discover? Is it worth the big price tag good morning to you, PETE Griff, all right, theres, two things: one Rick sent me this salt Lake City, one hundred and three degrees today Phoenix one hundred and thirteen Manchester ninety one. It is hot in America, if youre in Florida, youre being told hey, you might lose your power. So what do you need? You need a cooler to stay cool.
Is it worth this lets start with Theic loo we put the igloo Heres the criteria three days ago, loaded up with two thirds ice. One third content. This is whats left with the igloo max Cold, fifty that sells for seventy four dollars and ninety eight cents. It says it lasts for five days I dont think were going to make five days in a normal setting. This one is the high performance one, the polar Bear, hard, forty five, its the kind of thing that will last the rest of your life, and it also says it will do five days. I think im not only going to get five days here, but the last time we used one of these hard coolers. I forgot to unload it. Eight days later, I opened it up. There was still ice inside clearly thats, the winner on the hard side now weve all heard of Yeti, two hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. For this its the latest trend, its a soft cooler that people love and the ones that open up on the top. What I find is it is really good
quality. The zipper is hard as heck to open. Did it make it? Three days later it says it lasts for three days its cold theres ice in there yeah. This is a winner. This one, though, is the same quality, if not better. This is from polar bear. The topper twenty it just got introduced. Yes, theres ice in there really good performance on this pockets on it super good quality. Is it two hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents? No. This is why I love them. This is for fox viewers, one hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety six cents. How did we get that price? If you go to polarbearcoolers dot com? He said. If I win or lose this challenge, you could still get the twenty five percent off. If you put in Code Fox at polarbearcoolers dot com, then when I was getting ready for this guys, I was thinking I could order a bunch of beer. I love beer arent, you in the mindset where youre trying new things, so I dont know this whole thing made me try new. So I
saw this in the neighborhood. They moved in a brewery down the street, flying embers from Ohi California, born from the fires that swept through California. They mix botanicals with, for example, hard seltzer theyre known for this, the hard Kombucha, which is amazing from flying embers. This is the mango coconut which will wake up and make life a little less boring right now, PETE Griff. How about that? Thanks Kurt the Cyber guy PETE, I like those too the lights. These are chinese, lanterns, PETE, very cool, Jed ive got to say you turned me on to the Kombucha.
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