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Lara Trump on coronavirus relief: Americans have ‘needed something for a long time’

2020-12-22 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump calls business closures ‘outrageous,’ slams politicians for not following their own shutdown orders on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Just goes into overdraft, and we say: okay, let the next guy pay for it Lara Trump, the senior advisor to the Trump two thousand and twenty campaign Lara the person responsible for getting those instant checks that could hit as early as next week, but its got to be frustrating for him. Hes been telling these people to open up really since May and a lot of these businesses a lot of the pain theyre. Putting people through could have been solved had they done that the yeah well youre exactly right. I think people, people are frustrated, look in America. I think the reality is we want this country open and, unfortunately, because we have some tyrannical. You know oppressive governors and mayors across America who refuse to let people go back to work theyre, deeming that it is nonessential for you to provide food for your family. For you to put food on the kitchen table for you to go to work, they get to determine what is social and nonessential. I think everyone or in America
is an essential worker. We with all want to work. We all want to earn a living, and now here we are at least people are getting something theyve needed something for a long time. They need to go back to work, but if these people are not allowing them to do that now, theyre getting six hundred dollars. You guys have just gone through a lit gnu of what is in this bill litany, and it is outrageous one dollar and thirty nine cents million to Asia Initiative acts the ten dollars million to gender studies in Pakistan, seven hundred dollars million to the Sudan. How does that help Americans in? How does that help us get out of this? I think its very frustrating to people all around this country. I think theyre really glad to got the six hundred dollars, but they probably could have gotten a lot more if we werent giving so much money away. President Donald Trump, by the way, whos been the one saying put America first with the vaccine by the way which happened in record time. Dont forget they all said it wouldnt be possible before
summer of 21 it has rolled out across America. He has said, put America first with the vaccine with everything. Yet here you said what Congress did theyre, giving all this money away: Katie yeah Lara! Also this just comes down to being the worst in politics Congress, using a crisis to advance their own pet projects and agendas, also talk about Nancy Pelosi and how she could have been here months ago and made a decision to hurt american families to keep businesses closed, to keep them starving of cash all to get to President Trump before the election, and now after the elections over shes willing to come to the table and finally push through a deal thats, actually half of what was offered by the president of one dollar and eighty cents trillion months ago, yeah thats right in October. This deal was offered to her the one you just mentioned. One point, eight trillion and she said no way she didnt want to have anything to do with it very clearly playing politics. She does not care about the american people.
She does not care about making sure that people can withstand this horrific crisis. This situation that a lot of governors and mayors have put us in at this point not allowing people to go back to work its outrageous to see, but this is the epitome of the swamp of Washington D, DOT C. This is the reason. Donald Trump was elected in two thousand and sixteen to get rid of people like Nancy Pelosi. When you are a career politician and youre on video saying rules for thee, but not for me, you know and telling people that they could not go to the hair salon. Yet there she is no mask walking through weve all seen that video multiple time and then she pulls a stunt like this. I think the american people find it absolutely outrageous. I think its crazy, quite frankly, that she still has her job. Maybe one of the only things I agree with AOC on weve got to get rid e of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer PETE yeah theres, no measure of accountability for her unless her voters actually do but thats San Francisco,
its the congressional industrial complex at work, which has very little almost nothing to do with America. First, as you point out Lara, I want to go to the election for a moment. If we could, there are reports. The president met with members of Congress in the oval office yesterday to talk about potential objections on January 6th, which is when Congress meets Heres. What the chief of staff tweeted out. He said. Several members of Congress just finished a meeting in the oval office with President Trump preparing to fight back against, mounting evidence of voter fraud stay tuned. The president also chimed in he. He called in to the conference down here at turning point USA, Heres a portion of what the president said yesterday, hi Charlie, how are you cheers and applause that sounds like a big crowd of beautiful people, cheers and applause? We are fighting really for the country, because this election, we won this election in a land, slide, cheers and applause
its all documented. The problem is, we need a party thats going to fight and we have some great congressmen and women that are doing it and we have others great fight ors. We won this in a landslide, they know it and we need backing from. Like the Justice Department and other people to finally step up PETE Lara, a lot of people feel that way the election was stolen, theyve tried to through after Dawfts and evidence, affidavits and evidence get courts to pay attention to it. It hasnt happened. Where are we now to supporters of the president, those seventy four? Seventy five million who feel like theyre on the wrong side of this with not a lot of recourse left was left. Yeah look were still pushing forward from the campaign perspective. We believe Donald Trump won this election and we still have legal challenges out in several states. We want the constitution upheld and what it says very clearly e in the constitution is that it is up to the state legislatures to determine the time place and
manner in which elections are conducted and in several states, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan. That did not happen. There were is secretaries of state and election boards that diseased to change decided to change the way people vote in those statements and they used covid as an excuse to do that, and that is against the constitution were pushing forward with some of these lawsuits the date of ultimate significance. I think, as you just pointed out, PETE is January. Sixth, when Congress needs to certify this election, listen, I think that there are going to be people who say we do not agree with Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. We believe that Donald Trump won this election, and that is their right. The founders set up this process for this very reason so that we can get an accurate result and well have to wait and see what happens. I want to make very clear to people at home. This fight is not over. Do not think for a second that Donald Trump has given up. Do not think for a second that the campaign is gone, were fighting every single day
to make sure every legal and legitimate vote gets counted. Brian im sure the President Knows- and you know two good friends of the president, who worked hard in the cause of governor governor Christie- think the governor lost Inin fact. He said by continuing to fire hes hurting the country whats your reaction. What do you think your father in laws reaction is? Well, I think my reaction and the reaction of seventy four seventy five million Americans is that weve got to get this one right. We cant say lets move on whenever people very clearly know and have seen there was fraud in this election. If we with allow fraud in this election, then we lose our constitutional republic with lose the United States of America. We lose the United States of America. We have to get this right, not just for Donald Trump and not just for the five seventy five million people that voted for him. People need to know. This can have faith in this process with all due respect to Governor Christie. I highly discuss agree with that. I think were going to do everything possible to make sure.
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