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Lara Trump on election lawsuits: The American people are still in charge

2020-11-22 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser outlines outstanding voter fraud lawsuits in key states.
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Prevagen, healthier brain, better life will thousands of trump will thousands of Trump supporters protesting election fraud at the stop? The steal rallies across the? U dot s this, as President Trump asks why Joe Biden is forming a cabinet amid ongoing legal challenges to the election here with an update Lara Trump senior advisor for the Trump two thousand and twenty campaign good morning Lara Good Morning great to be with you will lets start with this before we get into the issues of the day your brother in law, Donald Trump Jr, has been diagnosed with Covid 19. How is he feeling? Can you give us an update, well hes, doing great one of the fortunate one who does not have any symptoms of covid but hes, taking all precautions and tested regularly until he gets the number of negative tests necessary and we hope to see him at Thanksgiving well see what happens will great glad to hear that well get into your thanksgiving plans in just a moment, but lets talk about the rallies going on across the United States and the presidents plans for the upcoming weeks. I want to
put up on the screen a tweet from the president last night, wherein he seemed to layout some of his plans going forward. What I want to focus on Lara is the last line of the tweet, which he says. Hopefully the courts and slash or legislators will have the courage to do what has to be done to maintain the integrity of our election. What will be the campaign strategy when it comes to something rumored for quite some time? Will there be an effort to sway state legislators in places like Michigan or Georgia, or Arizona to change their Electo RS from Pro Biden to pro President trump electors? Well, I think that the general effort is to make sure that this election is free and fair and every legitimate vote gets counted and youve seen youve been showing the stap the steal rallies. Last time I checked, the people were still in charge of the United States of America and there are about seventy four million people out there who do not feel like the result of this election has been presented is accurate.
You know, I think, its very hard for people to rationalize that, a guy like Joe Biden who could barely scrape together twelve people to go to a campaign event for him. You know even a couple of weeks ago, suddenly somehow got around eighty million votes. Donald Trump gained ten million votes from twenty. Sixteen, we all were out all across the country working hard. You saw that there were tens of thousands of people that were coming to trump events and then, like twelve to twenty people showing up to a Joe Biden event. This is like if the guy on the street corner is trying to sell you a gucci wallet for twelve dollars, you probably know its not a gucci wallet, so people have been very clear. Something is wrong. We have been trying to get to the bottom of it from the Trump campaign and we just want the right thing to happen. All of the legitimate votes to be counted will and Lara. What is your right about the number of people or the enthusiasm out there or the passion out there for making sure this election was on the up and up? But to what extent im curious, do you
think the campaign will go? Will it go to the those state legislators well, thats a possibility. Look weve, obviously been putting forward lawsuits across the country in states where we feel like there were really egregious violations of peoples, rights and the way this election process played out and were open to anything. We again want the right thing to happen here and so far, youve seen the fraud that has been uncovered youve seen that dead people have been voting, people have been voting in multiple states. The recount in Georgia just showed. Suddenly, oh, my gosh, thousands of votes were uncovered, most of which went to Donald Trump that somehow they missed the first round so were open to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that this election happened in a proper way and again every legal vote gets counted. Will I have to ask you about this, so I know youve addressed t this once or twice, but your native home state is North Carolina and there are rumors out there that youre considering running for Senate in North Carolina in twenty twenty two. Are you going to run for Senate
well? Look our priority right now is obviously getting through this election. It is still going on. We are far from over this. One right now were still working very hard on this, and I think its probably a little too soon to break any news on that front. But look it is my home state, as you just pointed out, its a state that I hold near and dear and its always going to be home for me. I love this state so much Eric and I named our daughter Carolina after my home state and it be an honor to run for such a prestigious position in my home state, but maybe a little early to make a decision on that so stay tuned. Will I will stay tuned youve brought it up earlier. Your thanksgiving plans, your hopefully Donald Trump Jr, will be healthy enough to attend. What are the plans for you and Eric and the family well were a bit up in the air still. This is, of course, a unique year for all of us in America trying to figure out how best to have thanksgiving and so forth, but we all are planning to be together as a family. So I think at the end of the day, thats the most
important thing making sure we celebrate time together with family, and you know it really is a year of all years. I think we can all appreciate that and celebrating how fortunate we are to live in such a great country, like America, and you know to get through this year. Quite frankly, will absolutely two sentiments worth seconding there getting through this year and fortunate to be in a country like America Lara Trump. Thank you so much for.
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