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Larry Elder: Cops are pulling back and the bad guys know it

2020-08-11 | 🔗
Talk radio host Larry Elder discusses the 'Ferguson effect' on policing in America and reacts to Black leaders demanding Joe Biden choose a Black female running mate.
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You Brian thank you very much. Lets bring in Larry Elder Radio talk, show host executive produce producer of the document Uncle Tom, so the founder of black lives matter Chicago, condemn the shooting that happened Sunday afternoon and condemned the mayor. Andwe will remain in the streets until our demands are met. I guess he went on to also say that part of those demands are its okay to loot. The stores as part of repirations are you buying into this laughter. Brian lets remember. Why were here were here because of the death of George Floyd and the argument that the police are killing blacks just because theyre black, the data do not show that whatsoever. If anything, the data shows that the police are more hesitant, more reluctant to pull the trigger against the black suspect than a white suspect, and if you dont believe me in a very interesting interview with Candice Owens, a left wing professor from Temple, maked Mark Lemont Hill youll often see on cable, an anti trump guy
conceded. The data do not show that the police are killing blacks, just because theyre black now whats happening, of course, is because the police are like this theyre pulling back its called the Ferguson effect. If the cops are perceived as racist, they arent pro, of course, African Americans. They arent getting involved involved in interacting with witnesses, because it increases the chances they are accused of engaging in police brutality or police profiling, so youre finding this all over the country. It happened after the death of Michael Brown outside in St Louis. It happened when there was a high profile shooting in Chicago its happened. All over the country called the Ferguson Effect and cops are pulling back bad guys. Crime goes up and the people who are hurt are the very people that black lives matter purports to care about its bizarre Ainsley. So lets talk about two thousand and twenty, because Joe Biden is supposedly going to announce his VP pick either today or tomorrow. They are saying some time in the middle of the week theres that letter that went out one hundred black men, male leaders
in our country, including Shawn, comes artists. Celebrity filmmakers signed this letter saying the VP pick must be a black woman and fail ing to do so means you will lose this election. This is pay portion of that letter. Up on your screen right now, failing to select a black woman in twenty twenty means, youll lose the election. We dont want to vote the devil. We know versus the devil we dont, because we are tired of voting for devils period. Vice President Biden dont take that risk black women are defining the future of politics so its time to let one define the future of your campaign. Larry whats your response, I guess Ainsley im old School, I kind of subscribe to the MLK doctrine. I thought it was about content of character rather than color of skin. But Biden said he wants a female runningmate because of his recent insults of black people, saying youre, not black. If you dont support me, black people dont have any real diversity and hes under huge pressure to name a black female.
What gets me, though, is how hes gotten away with lying for decades about his alleged civil rights record and he said, went he was a teenager. He used to go, go to black churches and go out and engage in Desegregat Ing lunch counters in Delaware, zero evidence he ever did that and when the New York Times looked into it and found he had never done it. He said his staffers gently reminded Joe Biden that hed never done this any more. He just stopped saying it and Biden agreed to stop, saying it and kept saying it anyway. He lied and said he got arrested, trying to see Nelson Mandela. He lied and said the NAACP supported him when, in fact, as a non profit, cant support anybody in any race but hes lying and lying about his record, which shows you he thinks the black people as props, designed to manipulate, tell him anything you want and they will go in there and pull that lever. Ninety five percent for me, but I think Trump, has flipped the narrative because the economy did so well under him. He signed the first act that allowed something like
five thousand, mostly black men, busted, for crack cocaine to have their sentences reconsidered. Two thousand have been released, hes done more money for historically black colleges, increased money for enterprise zones, doing something about choice in school and for crying outloud. He wants to stop the competition of illegal aliens, unskilled that pose competition for jobs and puts downward pressure for jobs that otherwise be held by unskilled black and brown people in the inner city. For all these reasons, I believe it doesnt really matter what Joe Biden does. I think Trump is going to get a much higher percentage of the black vote than he did last time, maybe twice as much or three times as much in any case hell get enough so that Joe Biden will probably not be able to win at the presidential level. Steve well lets see a pick for vice president from the vice president could come today. Larry. Thank you very much for joining us today, and I bet it wont, be Condi Rice.
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