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Last-minute holiday gifts from Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s

2020-12-19 | 🔗
2-time NASCAR champion Austin Dillon and his wife Whitney previews Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s.
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Pete this Christmas season, you PETE this Christmas season. You can take your kids to see the magic of Santas Wonderland at Bass, pro shops and cabellaings are, will a way to share recall magic of Santa Claus. While shopping for gifts, the whole family can enjoy Jedediah sounds like fun joining us with ideas, professional NASCAR driver will and son ACE. Thank you for joining us. Tell us about this Christmas extravaganza yeah. We are here at Bass, pro shops and Cabelas. Having a good time, Whitney will tell you about the flannels to start out. If you are like us and you like to match as a family, you have to come to bass pro shops. They have the best flannels. We chose the Buffalo plaid print, so ACE has his on Austin. They have pretty ones for the ladies and for all the kids out there. We also have the remote controlled cars. Hopefully ACE will be playing with one of those PETE. A real one. Im sure is there also a big old truck
im told, maybe kind of sort of yeah. You know the tracker off road, the one thousand Xr, if you are coming and wanting something cool for husbands or girls, getting Utv the tracker off road has you covered, will thats awesome. What about the add venture set? I hear you have something fun at home. Adventure set remote control, cars, side winder, and what you really need to get is a stuffed animal bass right here for everybody at home, laughter Jedediah. I love that you guys those flanels do they come in all sizes II have a 1 year old. I want one for him. Ace has his flannel on this jacket. You can get at bass, pro shops Jedediah, so cute, look at him adorable! Well, thank you guys. You guys ever and everyone at home can find you will a the latest deals for your family at Bass, pro dot com and Cabelas, Ashley Whitney and especially, ACE. Thank you for joining us today.
Thanks for having us and Santa is back in the background.
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