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Laura Ingle on Scott Peterson latest update

2020-10-16 | 🔗
California Supreme Court orders judge to reconsider Scott Peterson's murder conviction; Laura Ingle reports.
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Time for top stories, time for top stories, Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, say theyre close to an agreement on a national coronavirus testing plan, part of talks for a broader economic relief program. They plan to release details later today, senior White House Advisor hope, Hicks returning to the campaign trail after testing positive for Covid two weeks ago and traveling with the President on AIR force, one president Trump and Joe Biden talking at the same time. Last night in dueling town halls, they were in different cities. Both campaigns claiming their candidate had a good night. This developing story, now the California Supreme Court ordering a judge to consider throwing out Scott Petersons, two thousand and four murder convictions for the deaths of his wife and unborn son. His trial riveted the nation sixteen years ago, Laura Engel covered it back. Then. What is the dramatic change now?
What is the dramatic change now? Well, this all hinges on jury misconduct, where one juror didnt disclose that she experienced abuse while pregnant the California State Supreme Court, the jury foreman on the case he feels Peterson is guilty and exactly where he belongs. Two thousand and four he was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and son, and given the death penalty this week, the Supreme Court sent his case back to be heard by a trial court judge where his original trial was held to decide whether he should get a new trial as the claim of prejudicial
jooury misconduct, and his attorneys have worked to get his client a new trial. The high Supreme Court agreed that there could be a problem with the juror that didnt reveal she once filed for a restraining order, while pregnant saying she feared for the life of her unborn child. During that domestic abuse. Two months after Petersons death penalty was overturned, while his conviction of guilt remained in play. A spokesperson for the District attorneys office that prosecuted the case told me last night. This is one step in a very long and complicated appellate process well respond in court, but this will probably take years to fully resolve. Lacey Peterson disappeared on Christmas Eve, two thousand and two from her home in Modesto, and were waiting for reaction from Laceys family on this major development and will pass it along as soon as we get it.
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