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Lawrence Jones: Biden’s a ‘political chameleon,’ changes views on topics based on who’s in the room

2020-09-09 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones discusses how Joe Biden may be ‘problematic’ for Michigan voters on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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A bus tour Brian Ainsley, Steve Ainsley, lets bring in Lawrence Jones Good Morning family. How are you doing Ainsley? We are doing well yesterday, when the president was in North Carolina. He was talking about how all these rioters, taking over the Democratic Party thats. Why Biden is not being so tough. He talked about the polls dropping. There is a dead lock in Florida and in North Carolina between these two, and he talked also about the restaurant rioters. He said they are going to be in charge if Joe Biden wins this election listen to some more of what he said. He is starting to talk a little bit tougher now. Did you notice that he sees whats going on his polls are dropping like a rock and he sees what is going on now. He is starting to say: no. We need law and order. No, he didnt say that did he he will never get to say that he cant say that because then he would lose the whole left. The left is running. That party, you take a look. You dont want to be dealing with the left.
These people are stone, cold, crazy, Ainsley here is the deal Lawrence say we dont like a lot of things about the president. We like his policy, especially if you compare it to the Democratic party. Now, when you look at Kamala Harris Record, the President said, and many in the Senate have said she votes. If you look at her voting record, she votes far left than even Bernie Sanders. She wants to ban fracking. She wants to raise your tax. She praised l dot as mayor for slashing Lapds budget. A lot of conservatives are worried about those policies. What do you say yeah, I think thats going to be the case for Michigan today too, when im there on the ground is what matters most to them. I think when it comes to Joe Biden, he was once known as the greatest retail politician. He has turned into more of a political committee. I dont know changing his view on things based on who is in the room. I think thats going to be problematic for Michigan voters, look im interested what they were going to say. They were definitely hit strongly when it comes to Covid, even though the governors
approval rating is at fifty seven percent. I often dont put my stock into those polls. I actually want to see whats happening on the ground and they have been affected severely when it comes to their economy. The question is, the President won Michigan in twenty. Sixteen. Will he win it this time and will they support this governor, while at the same time she has hurt their businesses and when you really look at the policies where her and her have quite frankly, played by different rules than what the public is playing by thats going to be a problem, of course, back to your initial point when it comes to law and order balancing your view on how you feel about injustices in our country and the people that to burn down certain businesses, how she is going to be able to balance that message as well? I think all of that is going to play when I talk to Michigan voters today, Brian Lawrence, im, very curious by the presidents team is not spending more money in Michigan. Maybe they are giving up on it to a degree and putting more
money in Minnesota, something you will be interested in the president had a new message. Yesterday, its called patriotic education. I think it resonates number one its authentic to him. Number two is when you have the capital vote to take down or amend one hundred and fifty three different one hundred and fifty three different items in Washington D, DOT C, like this little thing called the Jefferson Memorial and then, when you see what California is doing with their curriculum saying patriotic education is not just a catchphrase, its a concern for a lot of american parents yeah. I definitely think we have got to review our education system. I, like the phrase patriotic education at the same point, if I had one thing to suggest, lets make sure we are teaching all of history. There is a lot of blame going around. There is a lot of great praise to go around as well again when I look at history today we got people that just learned I mean you are historian. Brian people just learned about Juneteenth Black Wall Street this year. Brian, I hear you thats. The failure of our education system
lets make sure we include it all Brian. I do im older than you. I remember roots came out and I was in grammar school. I remember that expanded the textbook, and I remember I think, thats important. Can we do it without vilifying our founding fathers thats? The key you dont have to make a villain of James Madison because of that time he made the decision to have slaves which was wrong and they knew it. Then we got it lets discuss it, but lets not put them in historical jail. The key with all of this Brian is understanding that we had imperfect men with a perfect document that was for that. We didnt live up to our ideals, Brian absolutely. This is what I tell people all the time. Our constitution is our greatest defense weapon today, even though they werent living up to it. I use it every single day to protect the liberties of all people, and so I think, if we can get our textbooks to reflect, that, I think we will be in a healthy place.
Do you know who agrees with you in Frederick Douglass, a Republican Steve without a doubt, and we have heard from the campaign cancel culture, and this is all part of cancel. Culture is going to be front and center still Lawrence. It looks as if, since the convention, the virtual convention, it looks as if the law and order thing halls really resonated, because people saw things start in Minnesota and then it morphed across the country sudden. Suddenly people out in the suburbs the swing voters who are going to determine this are worried about. Is it going to come here yesterday, the President down in Florida said its going to come to the suburbs. At the same time, you have got these police chiefs who would like to enforce the law, but for whatever reason they are backing up. You look at the list and its getting longer all the time of police chiefs who have recently steps down. Have you got the Dallas police chief? You have got the Rochester Police Chief Seattle, police Chief Carmen best had been there for decades.
She says I want to do my job, they wont let them Richmond Atlanta Portland Oregon as well. If you you look at that, roster right there Lawrence, you are wondering: why are the police leaving well, let me say this as someone that has been on the ground, covering it from the angle of the police and the community. I have think that they are putting a lot of these police chiefs in impossible jobs, merging the gap on national issues. Okay, you got to keep your rank and file making sure you realize that you stand with the majority of ones going out there and doing their job honorably, and then you have got to have them distance themselves and fire the bad cops and then have you got the protesters that you know sound peaceful. Then you got the ones come in at night and set things on fire. What dew points them to do? Do you want them to let America burn and I think thats been the problematic case again. I keep saying this why this has become a top
election issue is not that the country hadnt moved after George Floyd. If you look at the, if you even look at the polling when it comes to the NBA and justice issues, Americans saying I want justice, they dont want the cities burnt down as well. That has become the main issue. I will continue to say this until election time. All the other issues matter. When you talk about education, when you talk about poverty, when you talk about reforming the police system, but at the end of the day, when you give PE option of their safety, they will put their safety over all of these issues. Every single time, thats, why you see changing in themessaging in the Democratic Party its because people are picking their Brian Al Sharpton said the same thing yesterday he said: who are these people saying defund the cops a lot at a liberals and Al Sharpton saying that Steve? I know Brian coming up in our next segment. We will have a sheriff from Indiana who was a Democrat, but he has switched the parties because he is so frustrated with whats, going on
all right, Ainsley all right Lawrence.
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