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Lawrence Jones on Biden's reliance on Obama's popularity, new 'One Nation' special airing on FNC

2020-07-23 | 🔗
Fox News analyst Lawrence Jones joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss Joe Biden's sit-down with former President Obama and his new policing special 'One Nation' airing Sunday, July 26 at 10 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.
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Brian Joe Biden and President Brian Joe Biden and President Obama shall sit down, take jabs at President Trump, a lot of them. He just cant cant relegality in any way well, and one of the things that I have always known, but Joe is the reason why I wanted you to be my vice president. Brian president Obamas support and he does support Joe Biden. Is it enough to sway voters in a positive way lets bring in Fox NEWS analyst Lawrence Jones? He is hosting a new special on Sunday night called one nation on race relations in America on Fox this Sunday. We will talk about that in a second Lawrence. What about this partnership? We knew it. Was there now its making it clear hes President Obama is going to play a major role with Vice President Biden. Does that make sense to you? I mean he needs to say its not like people around the country are excited to go out and vote for Joe Biden. The problem is that Obama is not on the ticket. Eventually, Joe Biden is going to
have to find some way to energize the base to get them out to support him. You know, President Obama was very active with Hillary Clinton, even went into the black community and said that he felt like he would have been a personal insult if black voters didnt vote for Hillary Clinton, it didnt pan out to be that way: banking on President Obama, being the for him and black female to be VP ticket voters rarely care about the endorsement. They want the guy to be the guy. Brian Steve Schmidt comes out who hates the president says, even though Barack Obama didnt really help in two thousand and eight he said Barack Obama was our last normal president thats. Why its going to help your thoughts on that I dont know what that means. I mean: is he saying that the President Trump is not a normal president? He was elected by the people. Can you disagree with his style and disagree with some of his policy distances? At the end of the day, the american people went out there and elected him.
So again, people care about the person thats on the ticket. President obama- and this is a danger that I think Republicans are going to make with Trump as well. When you have such a popular person within your amusement right, you have got to plan for the next leader after that I dont think Democrats plan for that next leader, so they are struggling to find that person. Republicans should take a note as well when Trump is gone, who is going to be the next leader for the Republican Party when your presumptive nominee? You are afraid to let him speak and take questions thats a huge problem. Eventually, we will have to get out of basement and answer questions. I wonder how he is going to perform on debate stage again going toe to toe with Donald Trump is going to be interesting. Brian Lawrence, you have got a special this Sunday Heres a look at what you can expect. Okay, what changed the culture working with the community? The biggest change, though, is, like you hear all the talk about
defunding the police, Camden County invested in the police department, didnt defund, the police. They invested in police, invested in training, teaching deescalation a matter of people, learning to trust the police and not distrust Brian, its called one nation it premiers tonight at 1000. Why did you go to Camden? I went there to talk with the police chief and the community to see how they were able to come together, while all the other cities were burning down im so appreciative to Suzanne Scott Patterson and management team for giving me the opportunity to navigate these waters going to start talking as one nation, one american family and tell all parts of the story. Brian. I have been watching you throughout the week. It makes total sense to give you an hour to have a chance to let this topic breathe and to get people to weigh in. This is what we should have been talking about all along. Somehow we have gotten off.
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