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Lawrence Jones on top issues for Black voters in 2020

2020-10-21 | 🔗
Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones tells 'Fox & Friends' that if Trump gets reelected 'Black men will be responsible,' adding that the campaign has 'done a terrible job' when it comes to reaching other groups in the Black community.
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You need to see it rather than hear somebody else talk about it, Lawrence Jones on the ground, Fox NEWS, analyst and Fox nation host. I thought that was a great touch yesterday with the video proof of the speech in which he has confirming Lawrence. What about you hey good morning, family? I thought it was a great strategy, but quite frankly, its not something that the campaign should have to do thats, something for the media to do the fact that there has been a campaign that is focused large line. Personality instead of substance is just baffling to me. This is a signature issue and I talk to folks before the president talked about that at his rally yesterday. This is what they have to say. How do you feel about this race? Who is going to pull off the victory in Pennsylvania? This is Joe Bidens Home state who who wins it? I dont care its all about Trump. He cares about everybody. Fracking has been a big issue, so is Joe Biden for fracking, or is he against? Fracking
depends on what they told him this morning and what medications he is on, but im pretty sure that he is against it. Is he flip flopping all over the place? I think its going to come back to hurt him because the american people we want. We want to know what you are about. We know what entrepreneurship is about. He has been for fracking since day one if they ban fracking from this state. How will had impact this state? It will devastate a lot of people and the green new deal, its a joke, its a joke. The former President President Obama is coming to town to campaign for Joe Biden. Will that have any impact on Pennsylvania voters? I dont believe it will. I dont believe Usama Bin Laden is old news. Hes, old NEWS and Biden is more of the same, and Biden is more of the same at indeed dot com, slash home guys. This is Erie County is a democratic, strong hold the president won it back in two thousand and sixteen. So I have got all the Democrats worried about this county. I thought it was more productive to ask them a question that
matters to them in their area. President wants tone and tenor which most of the press focuses on sure. Yesterday, meanwhile, char La May, yesterday, meanwhile, char La May, Thatsharla Mayla outreach to black voters. Listen to this and then Lawrence. We are going to get your comment when it comes to those black people. You say you see who may be showing support for Trump. I just think its, because Trump is actually talking to young black male voters. Is he directing ads towards them? They are a group that never get courted black people dont get courted either as a whole. That old, democratic regime speaks the old black men and they think everyone else in the black community. The black families are supposed to fall in line. They know black woman are going to show up regardless they speak to older black men and they think the rest of us all speak the same language, Steve Lawrence.
Well guys, if you all remember, I said a few months ago that the Trump campaign has done a great job when it comes to black men. They are speaking to black men. If Donald Trump gets re election, black men will be responsible for that. Okay and the Democrats are going to blame them its because the president is focused on taxes. He has talked about criminal justice reform, education issues and they are fighting for their family. As I said a couple weeks ago, the administration has done the campaign was done, a terrible job when it comes to black outreach and all the people that are in, I said the president should fire them because they are not doing an effective job reaching all the other masses, and you can tell by charlamagnes comments. He specifically said black men, not all the other groups within Black America and, as you know, Brian one of the outreach people came on the show with you and said they are only trying to get twelve percent thats, not an effective strategy. Youve got to talk about the
issues that matter every single day to black voters, so you may be knocking on doors. But if your messaging is not effective to those voters, then what you are doing is for not so again, I expect to see some stuff with black men, but everybody else im not seeing it on the ground Brian. I dont think you could minimize what that means. What those statements just said not only from you but from he is an extremely popular talk, show host Charlamagne La God, very talented for him to say that on Don Lemon show was huge for him to say ice cube. As he came out and said: listen, I want people who are going to help the community and sign on to a program in which I support and they return my call, the other guys didnt. So much goes into caring and being sincere look Brian. How many times have we gone back and forth on this very issue? Just show a little effort
focus on the issues that matter to those voters talk about the things that are going to impact their families at the end of the day that wasnt an outreach strategy that was them hearing directly from the president. You would think if you have got black faces in the room talking about the issues that impact America, that they would be able to strategy a step forward to get even more support. So again, as I always say, you will know if the strategy is working based on what the progressives do on their side, you saw with latino voters the president started to surge with latino voters. You saw that the Joe Biden campaign decided to focus more on hispanic outreach with ads and get out the votes. You are seeing that now with black males. You are not seeing that with any other category within the black community, but with black males. So you know its working for Bl, males, Ainsley well Lawrence. We have got to go. Look at the cover of the New York Post.
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