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Lawrence Jones talks to Michigan voters at Biden’s campaign event

2020-09-10 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones recaps his visit to a Biden campaign event in Michigan on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Fauci saying that, as opposed to what he said to John Roberts yesterday, big difference lets bring in Fox NEWS analyst and host of one nation on Fox nation Lawrence Jones Good Morning, family. I know you everywhere, one of the few people who had a chance to go with Joe Biden to pitch to go with Joe Biden to pitch began yesterday. What was it the like on the ground there? Is he leading well its interesting, because yesterday I was doing fox and friends and at that moment before I hopped on a plane to Detroit, we still didnt know where the event was taking place and many of the public didnt know this isnt open to the public. The problem is an hour before they released it and people gathered outside. You would think this is going to be a lot of Biden supporters. There wasnt only two Biden supporters and a crowd of people outside, and they were all trump supporters.
They were fired up, throiivel what they had to say. Why are you so fired up? Because we love the president, we love what he does for the country. Does it surprise you that we have all these trump supporters right here and only two Biden supporters over there? My position would be the Biden, supporters are so fractured and most of them are probably still asleep at home. Just like sleepy Joe, why is Joe Biden bad for Michigan, because China owns Joe Biden? Why dont? You all think there is more Biden supporters here, because Biden doesnt have the support that Trump has. Why do you think they are keeping it secret disnchts because they dont want all of this? Do you think he wants to show up and see no supporters Steve Lawrence now guys? This was a reflective of right outside of the event, and I found it very strange because the polling is saying that Biden is in the lead, as you know, that Trump won this state.
The last time I wanted to go into the panel talk with people and say if its just the people that are outside, I found some Biden supporters. This is what they have to say. Did you know the vice president was going to be here in Michigan? No, not really not until the very last second. Do you believe that the vice president kind of snuck in town and got back out of town? Do you think he worked enough so far to win votes in Michigan um? I dont think either one of them has worked hard enough. Do you think, is he going to win this time? Yes, but as a Biden voter, do you wish he would have spent more time talking with folks yeah? You are in a swing state. Do you feel like the vice president is hiding from you as a voter? A little do you think, is he trying to hide from the people, yeah thats, exactly what he is doing? Is he trying to hide from the people? Is he not actually representing the people? People have different views than what he is pushing
very excited when heard that the vice president was going to leave his basement and talk with the people, it seems like there is a strategy of the campaign to keep him away. You from the people keep him away from the press, and people are wondering this guy used to be the known as the best retail politician. What is going on? Are they scared of their own candidates message? I think voters are starting to say he is making the same mistake that mostly Hillary Clin made she didnt go to Michigan Biden says im going to Michigan, but im going to talk to the round table of union leaders, im not going to go out there and actually talk with the people. Many campaign insiders are saying this. The vice president wants to go out there and talk with the people, but many of the people within the campaign think its risky back to you guys, Steve, absolutely Ainsley Lawrence on the front cover of the New York Post. Today they released mug shots of seven rich comrades. They are calling them that were busted rioting in New York City down on Lafayette Street. There are the pictures right there and they say they are privileged
white, rich kids and then the Post Editorial Board wrote vandalism isnt going to get new laws passed. What it would do win a lot more support for president Trump. Your reaction- and let me read this to you- they are- is it I cant, read it im. Sorry, I cant see they are revolutionaries under lying, the very movement they claim to revment vandalism, isnt, going to get new laws passed its not going to tear down the system either. What it will do is win a lot more support for president Trump than for policing reform. Indeed, their rom rads, who have kept the tragic farce going all these weeks in Portland, might as well be the Antifa committee to reelect the president. In this we are on the same page as those marching rich white kids quit your privileged posturing and grow the hell up Lawrence. Well, I hate to do this guys, but as someone that has been on
the ground and reporting on this coming back on Fox and friends and other shows on the channel, I have been screaming this when im down there on the ground. I have been seeing these people on the ground. I have seen community members saying go home, you are not from here. I have been saying that these people are leaving the suburbs and burning peoples property down, that they have their own agenda, that they are anarchist and that they are progressives and taking advantage of the movement that was really intended to bring the country together to recognize that there has been disparities in our justice system and that these people have their own agenda, come out at night and put on black and they need to be arrested. I have been screaming it to the top of my lungs Brian. You have im glad we finally have arrest records that show that these people are rich. They have their own agenda that they really dont care about black lives. They just want to burn things down because they are anarchist. They wants a political revolution, it started on the college campuses and now its going to your high
schools, its going to your secondary schools, because again, these are people that disagree with the founding of America. They dont want to just improve America. They want to burn the system down im. Finally, glad that the public has the evidence that I have been seeing on the ground. Brian aimless, rudderless people direction finding this to suffice. We need a psychologist for it, and now we got to duct, because all the windows are smashing around them. I think its pretty disgusting to take advantage of disparities that people of Color Brian. I hear you the fact that everyone was coming together after the George Floyd case Brian. Absolutely these people dont care about they have their own agenda Brian. They go home and go to their penthouse or their mansion and go back to their life. Exactly right. Ainsley, meanwhile, that family that owns that one store that put their hard work, blood, sweat and tears into that business. Their insurance is going to go up if they even have insurance and have to fix it. It cost one hundred thousand dollars the damage
if there is evidence that they contributed to that.
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