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Lawrence Jones: Why Kamala Harris makes the most sense for the Biden campaign

2020-08-11 | 🔗
Joe Biden is under pressure from the Black community and progressive voters for change 'right now,' Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones says.
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Alootingaalluding you to that co imminent. The decision is imminent lets bring in one nation host on Fox nation Lawrence Jones, hey there. You happen to be so happy that your son may be the next vice President Steve. He is not old enough. You have got to be thirty. Five Lawrence Ainsley, the shill reporting that they talked to ally confidantes of Joe Biden, and they are saying that Senator Kamala Harris remains the top favorite that she doesnt have any baggage that that makes the most sense. What do you say its interesting? The way they decided to conduct? This was very damaging to all of the people that are running for this. Vice president slot they allowed opposition research to go out on all of these candidates. It became a blood bath, almost of them going at each other, and even they David Axelrod said this is a bad move for the Biden Camp. I do think its going to be Kamala Harris. She makes the most sense for the
Joe Biden campaign, former prosecutor attorney general. She is likeable and, as we know, he has to pick a black woman. One hundred black men released a statement. Yesterday they are leaders, they are progressive, they say look if you dont pick a black woman, then we are out and that just shows you the pressure, the amount of pressure that the Biden Camp is under right now, if yall remember early on in the year when I was on the campaign trail before this pandemic, I told you that these progressive voters, these progressive leaders, were not going to let off of Joe Biden. They dont want incremental change. They want change right now, and this is the first time we have seen this type of leverage being made for a VP spot Steve. You know Lawrence. There has been a lot about the fact that Governor Whitmer of Michigan is on the short list, and I was readings in some of the Michigan papers yesterday. If he picks her, he will lose Michigan, which means he obviously may not win the road
to the White House. But you went out on the street to talk about the pressure to pick one particular person didnt you. I did take a look at it. One hundred black men wrote a letter today they say in order for them to support Joe Biden. They want a black female to be the VP. What are your thoughts on that? Well, I dont think so its the time to try to hold withhold our vote or to try to leverage it in such a way. Thats going to still remain a detriment. I feel it might be a form of affirmative action or whatever I dont have a problem with that thats cool Steve Lawrence. Let me say this: there has been a lot of talk about black voters if they feel taken advantage of by the Democratic Party. There is a lot of thoughtful black leaders. Although we may disagree in ideology, I respect the fact that theyre making their voice be heard and putting the Democratic Party to
the test. They want something in return. I think a lot of Americans would say well. This is not the right time to make this happen. But what is the time I mean? Joe Biden needs the black vote. That is very clear. These black leaders have you got Van Jones on this list, Charlamagne that God one of the best interviewers in the best rapists Colmes they have influence. Look. If we have to sink the entire ship to make you guys focus on Black America, then we are willing to do that. I kind of like that kind of leverage. I dont think you can knock out everybody else. Susan rice just sold her Netflix Stock Governor Whitmer evidently hit it off with Biden. They have a bit of a bit of a relationship when they
campaigned for each other Rasmussen poll. Fifty nine percent say its likely. He will not finish out his first term. I find that unbelievable. Also sixty one percent think its important for him to address the dementia issue that, according to a phone poll with Rasmussen, it further underlines the power of this number two slot a couple things. It is very clear based on my sources, that is, he very close to Susan Rice. They spent a lot of time together. He really likes her, but she doesnt have the same political capital, the same likability that a Kamala Harris. So he is in the crosshairs right now now, as it relates to the vice presidents mental Health and where he stands im not a doctor, I cant speak on it. What I can tell is you that the vice president was known this a guy been in politics for over forty seven years elected when he was thirty years old. He was known as the greatest retail politician. I dont know if its mental health or something has changed the campaign where they used to want to bring him out and in the
public and let him just go because he had the ability to draw people in. He did so many interviews back in the day right now. They want to take keep him in a cacoon, so I dont know if its mental health, I dont know if he has lost a step. I dont know what it is. I think anybody thats intellectually honest can say this is a different Joe Biden and its going to be a problem for a lot of voters, thats why he is leaning towards somebody that may be younger someone. That is a woman that could draw people in, but we dont know who he is going to pick at the end of the.
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