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Lee Carter examines Kamala Harris’ policy agenda

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Lee carter, president and partner of Maslansky + Partners, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Steve Kamala Harris this Steve Kamala Harris this weekend announced as Joe Bidens Runningmate. So where does she stand on the issues lets bring in Lee Carter Good Morning to you Lee Good Morning great to see you this morning, Steve weve got quick, sound bites and im going to get your quick reaction here is the senator talking about border crossing someone crosses over the border illegally. It is illegal and youd decriminalize it. I would not make it a crime punishable by jail, Steve, okay, who lines that well theres a lot of folks that are more on the progressive side that actually support that a lot of people want more open borders and have this decriminal ized. So this plays very well to the left base, not playing as well with independence who do want stronger border patrol Steve lets see if this sound bite will electrify independence, its Medicare for all, everyone gets access to medical care and you dont have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the
paperwork. All of the delay that may require lets eliminate all of that Steve and the problem is a lot of people like their companies, a lot of people like their companies, and this is a big issue for Kamala Harris when she was running just lets not forget when she changed her position on Medicare for all when she went more progressive thats when her support plummetted at the end, she only had fifteen percent support, and part of it was because of issues like this well have to see where Biden and Kamala Harris stand on these issues. People arent necessarily sure only one third of voters right now have any idea where they stand on the issues. They have to make a big case now, Steve sure, because of coronavirus, a lot of people have not been paying attention, but now, with the Dnc starting on Monday, people are going to be engaged real quickly. It all comes down to the independents and right now, where are they headed? You know what its really up in the air when you look at popularity for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden its not that different than Donald Trump. Despite what everybody says, Donald trumps popularity is at
forty. One percent Biden is at forty four percent Kamala Harris is at thirty seven percent Kamala Harris is not the most popular person out there. Steve lets see where it goes.
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