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Left has decided the court is the key to their radical agenda: Cruz

2020-10-26 | 🔗
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, weighs in on the Senate’s upcoming vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Live at the capitol live at the capitol. The Senate is expected to confirm. Judge Amy, Coney Barrett after Democrats failed to stop the confirmation process, Texas, republican Senator TED Cruz on the Senate, Judiciary Committee and author of great best seller, one vote away how a single Supreme court seat can change history. He joins us now from DC good morning to you, Sir Steve Good Morning, good to be with you, Steve sounds like history will be changed today, isnt it it is Judge Amy, Coney Barrett will become justice, Amy Coney Barrett, and this is a historic victory. This may be the most important decision. President Trump has made in four years in office and its a culmination of promises made to the american people and promises to nominate strong, constitutionalists justices, who will defend the constitution and defend the bill of rights, defend our fundamental liberties, and I have to say during
confirmation hearing, I think, Judge Barrett did a phenomenal job. America was blown away watching her watching her sit. Her sit without a single note and watching her take incoming fire and respond with a smile and respond with substance and respond with failfullness and thats what we want and expect from Supreme Court Justices Steve, usually historically over the last fifty years, or something like that when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed. Ninety seven to ninety eight to nothing amazing because its bipartisan, its the court and its supposed to be nonpolitical. But tonight not a single one of your democratic colleagues is expected to vote for her yeah. No, its really sad and youre right, justice, Ginsburg was confirmed overwhelmingly and so was Justice Scalia for whom judge, Barrett, clerked justice Scalia in one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, he
sailed through confirmation hearing, first italian american justice to serve on the court and its really great. If you look at the video, he sits there smoking a pipe during his hearing sitting there at the witness table. He has a pipe going, my advice to judge Barrett Judge. You will do great, but dont follow your own boss example and probably dont smoke a pipe, and she listen today that advice and blew it out of the water Democrats right now. They dont care about the substance. Every one of them will agree: shes qualified, shes, impressive and shes serious, but but this is a shirts and skin exercise. This is a partisan battle, and part of the problem is that for the left, theyve decided. The court is the key to their radical agenda. So when it comes to really just liberty, they want to strip away your right to practice your faith. They want the government to be able to control it. The key to do that is getting justices on the courts. When it comes to guns, they want
to strip away. They want to takeaway your second amendment right to keep and bear arms the key to doing that is the court each of these rights. Their view is this is about power and its is. This is about power and its why they are so incredibly upset. They didnt talk about taking away free speech rights. They want unelected justices to force through policies that people dont want. I think its unfortunate that one of our two parties, the Democratic Party, has radicalized view of confirmations, its turned them into the slug fests circuses that we see so regularly Steve what the Democrats did. They got big blow up images of people that would be impacted if the affordable care ACT went away. That may be true,
they would be greatly impact, but there is no. You look at her record. The part of the affordable care act that the Supreme Court will look at shortly. She probably wouldnt go along with that. Anyway. What the Democrats didnt want to do on health care Obamacare is discuss. What a disaster Obamacare has been, how many millions of people have lost under Obamacare? How many have seen health care skyrocket under Obamacare Joe Biden looked at the american people and lied? Nobody lost their health care under Obamacare. If you remember, when Barack Obama said, if you want your health care, you can keep your health care the lie of the year while Joe Biden just reuped the lie of the year, but the critical thing Steve on this. If you want to have a policy debate on health care and im eager to have policy debate on how to protect preexisting
conditions and lower premiums and have more competition and more options, the right place to do that is the Senate right place to do is the elected legislature, its not the courts, and it speaks volumes as you, and I have talked about my new book, one vote away third week in the row in New York Times best seller drives them crazy to keep putting it up there and I have to say Steve by the way youre in my book was released in the same time and we have been at the top of the charts for several weeks ago. Congratulations on that. Thank you. Im willing to bet that there are Fox amp friends viewers who are watching it and buying the doozy Cruz Bundle, cookbook and Supreme Court together and learning about bill of rights and having a fabulous meal. At the same time, Steve you made it sound like im, youre, running mate. People are buying the book
because they have run out of things to cook. You know that Senator TED Cruz from Texas.
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