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‘Love of Country’ owner touts success under Trump

2020-09-11 | 🔗
Joe Knoetgen, founder and vice president of ‘Love of Country’, joins ‘Fox & Friends.’
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President Trump has broken. President Trump has broken about. Every promise made to American works KIT, jobs and billions of dollars in tax breaks were going to impose a tax penalty on companies that avoid paying? U dot s taxes by offshoring, jobs and manufacturing. Im not looking to punish american business, but there is a better way. Brian, and I will raise corporate taxes too. Go figure. Joe Biden unveiling new, make it in America Plan in Michigan this week, taking a few shots at President Trump along the way the next guest started his own American made clothing company. He did it back in twenty sixteen and says he has enjoyed success under the administrations. America first initiatives here with his story founder and vice president love of country guy served as AIR Force Medic Joe Nogin, welcome. Good morning, sir, how are you Brian? You decide you are going to make this american product and going to make everything
Herehere by american Workers and american manufacturing. I guess you are pleased with Joe Biden doing the same thing. President Trump wants to do its unnecessary. We have already got the plan in place. Love of country clothe, something made exclusively one hundred percent in the United States. Our cotton is grown to our country and ships to another facility who puts everything together. Another facility in the country where we assemble our clothes and print on Long Island, New York, President Trump put in there, build, create and grow more product using american Labor american goods and american grit thats. What we are doing and since we launched in twenty sixteen under President Trump, we ventricle joyed a lot of success, its been fantastic, we have already got it in place, follow through and need stability thats. What we have right now and love the success and love love of country. Clothing stands for Brian for your service. We thank you especially on a day like this. I was shocked to see when you decide to make t shirts and
apparel in America, you had very few choices were doing very lintel here, correct. That is correct. There is only a handful of actual manufacturers that are one hundred percent. U dot sa made. There are more that claim to be, however, for us and when we say one hundred percent exclusive made in the United States, like I said, thats starlight, to finish thats products that are grown here, goods that are grown here and produced here thats. What we do. We tried four companies in America and we ended up with one that actually had a very high quality product, which is what we are about. We want a premium line, one hundred percent made in the United States we took about a year started in two thousand and fifteen about a year at r and d to try to figure out. Where are we going to get our quality USA? Products from it was very difficult Brian. You launched this company and go around with trailers to big events, but we havent had any events. Things have been tough for guys like you and families like yours,
but what I found amazing is it would have been cheaper for you. You would have got more profit to go and give the contract to a chinese company. Have them make it there ship it here. You could make more money, but you are going out of your way to make it here, and I wish that wasnt the case, but thats the reality of business in America today, its true, we were actually advised talking to friends and family. Why dont you get what everybody else does get the inexpensive shirt. I could pay pennies on the multiple dollars on the shirts that cost us thats, not what we believe in im: a medic in the New York National Guard serving active duty role, full time with that its not what we believe in. We want one hundred percent: U Dot S made, took a step back business on hold with mobile store and instead of going throughout the country because of precautions, we still do the grind its going to build our country and our economy, Brian, its not a theory or words on the page. This is life when you want to
make something in America and which is pretty cool for fox viewers. If you want love of country stuff im sure you do offering Fox viewers a ten percent discount right, absolutely so Fox ten go to love of country, clothing, dot, com, all of our love of country. We are going to put out a nine slash, eleven shirt working with a company not for profit, put it on the website, working close with you guys and talked earlier about it that will be coming soon. I appreciate you doing everything you do to support our president and our country, and we love your loyalty. Followers.
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