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Low morale plagues police forces nationwide

2020-08-22 | 🔗
‘Fox & Friends’ law enforcement panel weighs in.
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Will welcome back to Fox AMP will welcome back to Fox AMP friends. Last week I sat down with an Nypd officer to hear his experience front lines, first hand on defund, the police movement evening, the politics on our law enforcement and the failures of local leaders at his request. We have hidden his face and we altered his voice, so he can speak freely. Take a look when I became a police officer many years ago. I never thought that I would have to put this uniform on and be looked at as the enemy and to be hated and its not fair, because we sacrifice ourselves every day, no matter what your skin color is its sad, its sad and you know, tenure here in the Nypd. I can never ever imagine that it would be this bad as far as not being supported when you say there is a lack of support and those that have an agenda towards police who an agenda towards police. Who
are you talking about the mayor, the City Council, the mayors office? How do you feel about mayor? How do you feel about Mayor DE blasio that man does not care about police? He doesnt care about black lives. He is more ceshedz with lives. He is more ceshedz with painting. Our crime rate has trip pelt. Our shootings were about seven hundred and seventy seven, whereas if you look at the comparison from twenty nineteen, we were at that for the whole year and we still have six months left. How widely held within the plement are the De Blasio just voiced that you hold. I will put it to you like this.
The term for Nypd that is going around in every commands in the city is the job is dead. You would be crazy to take this job now, in this day and age, lack of support from the DAS office, a lack of prosecutions, criminals being released from prison, possibly criminals that you had busted at one point. Yes, now being released. How douse that make you feel? Why would you even want to put the uniform on to do your job if were putting them in jail for the crimes that they commit and the d dot a is just going to release them whats the point of even whats the point of doing the job in it defeats the purpose its a revolving door will have you had criticism for De Blasio and many in New York, critical administration? Have you been critical of Democrats and this administration? You know I would never look at
you know. I would never look at myself as one to follow politics. Politics used to be a Democrat, now im a Republican. Will you believe the President Trump supports law enforcement, absolutely from what you have seen. Do you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would support police officers? Absolutely not absolutely not. They would not support us people who allow these protesters to talk about how they want to defund. The police department were there to make sure nothing happens to them, but they want us dead. Will sorry you feel that way that morale within the department, how widespread its not just Nypd its across the United States, its sad thats, where we are at right now,
people who are saying that were afraid were not afraid. We just want to be supported. Lets bring our law enforcement panel to react. Joining me now is black lives matter, Nyc founder Joseph Pair trees, Dr Darrin Porcher and former Nypd detective, Dr Oscar Odom, Dr Porcher. Let me start with you. I think the risk anything when you are asking someone about their experience with morale is you just might be getting one persons point of view, but now we luckily have two other officers who served with the Nypd im curious. Can you tell me what you hear from your former colleagues? Do you hear that morale is as low as was just described? Absolutely. I was a cop during the early 1990s when the crack epidemic was plaguing New York city. Morale was at an all time low because had you officers not only fighting the crack wars but war on crime, no support coming from the
community when we fast forward to todays day and time we see the morale is at a complete all time low. We have politicians that are aligning themselves with the radical left and subsequently creating a state of anarchy, and this is something thats reflective in cities such as Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York City. You will, as we move forward. We need to do whats necessary to bolster the morale, because the tea leaves clearly reflect that when the morale is low, the crime goes up will seeming to illustrate your point, I want you to take a look at this. This is the number of resignations retirements and filings since May 25th at the Nypd UP, eight percent from May 25th to August 11Th, almost two thousand filings to leaf the force where it was just above one thousand at the same time. Last year, Dr Odom, how do you explain this? What has changed? Well, as stated earlier, the political backing has definitely changed. There is no support for the police officer. If you look at the morale being low, you will look at the recent
federal judge ruling to make police records public. Also the question that I would then ask I would say: do you make criminal records public for everyone to look at? Do you make criminal records public for those who have been arrested and not been convicted? You want to make police officers records public, but you dont want to make the criminal record public so there we have a lot of issues going on there, and then we have a lot of officers that are also veterans that served their country and also served in a war, and these people sleep under the blanket like a blanket of the very freedom is that we provide- and this is how we are repaid- they have a short memory, they forget nine, slash eleven and let people come out and attack police officers on camera and being incock doctrine. Nateed and nothing is happening. I sty them to. Please read the data. Look at the numbers look at the crime going up and then make a decision not only that get rid of the detail. If you think crime is at all time low and you feel safe, get rid of your police detail, let your protection go,
walk around yourself and walk around in your utopia, say the magic words to make it disappear. Will Joseph it strikes me if officers leaving the force is at all time high. Who will be left that chooses to be a police officer? Well, the problem is, there is always people leaving. I took this job because its in my blood, my grandfather was a cop detectives are so proud to go bad guy, but they are released backed into thebacked into the S more crimes. Officers are afraid to put any pressure on a suspect because they are afraid of going to jail, and these politicians and the city, council and mayor selectively enforce penal law. We swore an oath to protect the constitution and the people we serve, but though dont allow us to go out there and do that job. That officer, I have to give so much credit. Some officers feel that way you wouldnt think it, but the truth needs to come out and things needs to change will striking
what will be left of our law enforcement offices across this country who will be left to police our streets. Dr Darrin Porcher, Dr Oscar.
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