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Lt. Col. Allen West reacts to Pence's new role as President Trump fights COVID-19

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Texas GOP chairman weighs in on vice president's larger role in the reelection process.
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Get well soon, PETE. Vice President MIKE Pence, more appearances on the campaign trail as President Trump recovers from Covid 19 Will pence is going ahead to SALT Lake City tomorrow, ahead of vice presidential debate, with Kamala Harris on Wednesday will double down with personal events in key states, starting with Arizona on Thursday. Jedediah here is what is at stake in the final 30 days. Lieutenant Colonel Texas, GOP Chair Alan West, one issues front and center right now is Vice President Pence and the increased role. He will absolutely play right now. We have his debate. Coming up, were talking about operation Maga, how the campaign will have to shift right now due to the fact that President Trump is in the hospital. Can you just weigh in on what pences role is likely to look like the next coming weeks? Sure
good to be with you Jedediah what we say in the military. No plans survives first contact. You will have to be able to improvise and adapt to achieve victory. That is the exact same thing here. This is not just about President Trump or being focused on him. This is about constitutional conservatism. This is about the difference between the rule of law and the rule of the mob law and order and chaos and violence. I think vice President Pence will be able to step up into that position just the same as on the battlefield. When a commander goes down, you have that executive officer or next in command. That can step up to take over that unit. To continue with the mission, I think you will see vice President pence. He will step up. That is what he is ready to do. I know he is quite capable of doing it. He used to be a governor of Indiana PETE, Colonel a lot of people. Stepping up in the operation, Maga yourself, included, Rudy Giuliani, was on our program earlier and said the president carried so many people for so
long. It is time for us to help carry him. That certainly seems to be what this whole thing is about. Rudy Giuliani had insightful words how much she bud hold China responsible for what happened to the president. Take a listen to Rudy Giuliani. Well, get your Rhee action. We assert ourselves as the most powerful nation on other who will the country that attacked us, China, they attacked us. I hold them responsible for what happened to my president, PETE holding them responsible for what happened the China virus. What does that end up? Looking like colonel the president is, as all Americans, people all over the world suffered because of Covid 19. I think that is the most important thing. We know that China, without a doubt, is a very belligerent nation. We know what theyre doing trying to stretch their hegemonic, DOM Nonacross, the South, China, sea and belt road strategy.
President Trump has taken a tougher stance against China. Definitely tougher than any previous president. He will be tougher on China. More than Joe Biden as weve seen with his son Hunter will boils down to president trumps personality versus Biden and Harris policies. Turning to the debate with Pence and Harris, many thought there were openings President Trump to press packing. The court defunding the police, whether America is inherently racial country as Pence and Harris take the stage. What would you like to she from pence in focusing on that policy? Well, I think one of the key things is that the vice president can do is talk about how, as attorney general in California Kamala Harris was putting more young black men in prison and in jail for very frivolous crimes. Guess what President Trump and his criminal justice reform that corrected that just the same as with Joe Bidens crime bill.
So I think that is a great point to press on. I think also, when you look at the issue of our economic development, President Trump has been strong on that again, I would go after Kamala Harris on this green flue deal, especially in Texas, where our oil and gas industry made the United States of America NET Independent and exporter of resources. There are many gaffs you can exploit with Kamala Harris as well Jedediah. Thank you.
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