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Lt. Col. Allen West: SCOTUS setback may call for new 'union' of 'law-abiding states'

2020-12-13 | 🔗
Texas GOP Chair Allen West argues states that follow election law ‘need to come together and protect themselves against the states that do not', following the U.S. Supreme Court rejecting the state’s lawsuit over the 2020 presidential election.
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Pete, welcome back after the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit our next guest floating, the idea for so called law, a abiding states to form their own union here with his idea: lighting up social media, Texas, GOP, chair, lieutenant, Colonel Allen, West Kohl. Until thank you so much for being with us on the program. I know you know how to throw bombs like anybody else, but youre a thoughtful guy. Give me your rationale on what youre talking about here. As far as a union of law, abiding states well thats exactly what were talking about. When you talk about what is happening here, we need to have states that honor our constitution. I know a lot of people have thrown out this e session. Word. Ive, never said anything about secession. I talk about law abiding states. I talk about forming a union, an alliance because theyre the ones that are abiding by our rule of law. If anyone is seceding from the United States of America, its the states that are violating our rule of law,
and so when you look at the Texas it lawsuit, which was enjoined by9, another seventeen or eighteen different states, and also one hundred and six other congressmen. What they are saying is that you cannot go out there and violate your laws. You cannot violate the election law. Are you cannot have courts or judges that are making law? You cannot have secretaries of state or to governors executives that are making laws thats supposed to be done by the legislative branch and those states that violated the election law. It does have a damaging effect on the states that are following the haw, and that was the crux of this lawsuit. Therefore, if we have a supreme court that is supposed to be interpreting the law that says that states like Texas and the others do not have an equal protection under the law, which is part of our 14th amendment, and these states need to come together and protect themselves against the states that do not follow our rule of law. I think thats a pretty common sense analysis, PETE yeah its federalism.
Ultimately, if you discarded the declaration of independence as the left has done, and you believe the constitutions, a living document, you pursue your own legal prerogatives. Why was this fox excuse me this Texas case, the point at which you said this is really a point of no return. Well, I think that we have to be concerned if the highest court in the land, which is supposed to interpret the law based upon the constitution, does not even hear a case that is referred back to our constitution, where the statements can show that they are states can show that there is damage upon them because of the illegal and unconstitutional actions of other states. This is very disconcerting. No PETE you and I took an oath to the constitution and the United States of America and go Army beat Navy. Those of us that have served this country in uniform were to be very concerned about the path were going down. This is a huge fracture in the
foundation of our constitutional republic. Pete people who dismiss the comments you make are foolish, because very few people have thought about our reflipping public in a manner in which you have and youre a part of it stilled odd. Today,.
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