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Lt. Col. Dan Rooney shares inspiring story in ‘Fly Into the Wind’

2020-11-22 | 🔗
The Air Force fighter pilot encourages readers to ascend to greatness in new book.
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Pete welcome back one air force, fight or pilot is living proof that the sky e is the limit folds of Ohioan founder, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooneys New Book fly into the wind, delivers a motivational code to help people avend to their high ascend to their highest level in life. Our friend Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooney joins us now. Thank you so much for being here happy Sunday morning, the Bible and my book talk about beating the world out of bed and were definitely doing that this morning. Laughter thanks for having me PETE. Of course, one of the keys to your book, which I love, is this cavu philosophy ceiling and visibility. Unare restricted when you talk about the philosophy of what this book is about, explain that yeah its like those infinite blue skies that we love to fly in. I contend that our lives are unlimited and when you look at the most
successful people in this world, PETE like yourself at its core, these individuals are resilient and theyre great at a managing challenge and resistance in their lives. Cavu is my code of living that ive engineered a resilient pathway for people and its changed. My life in profound ways, and I feel really blessed to share this code in the hope of helping other people live their best life PETE talk about resilience and Reare Sis Dance, whether its Covid 19 a contested election. The things were going through as a country. You talk about a disciplined approach to each day. What would your counsel be to people who are trying to make it through this moment its just that as fighter pilots, we always take off into the wind, because we need resistance to ascend. Our lives are no different, we will struggle, but what we do in those moments will define us.
I would say to everybody struggling stay true to your core defining beliefs, especially during these times and dont. Let the world knock you off your path. There are going to be challenges there and its easy to make excuses, but at the end of the day, it is the day God has made. It is happening for a reason. Our lives are a gift and its our lives are a gift and its unlimited, PETE, lieutenant colonel faith. Pete lieutenant colonel faith is such a central as of this book were all fallen creatures in need of that salvation. How do you weave it into the book and into the importance of your overall philosophy? Pete, the book has ten lines of effort, and one of them is living a faith forward life. For me, it changed me. I was in a period of great struggle and I started taking God into ever interaction. I have in just small ways when someone asks you how youre doing im blessed, but faith is central. You understand it as a combat.
You understand it, as a combat veteran God is something you can take. God is something you can take with you everywhere. You go regardless of circumstance in life. God will do extraordinary things in your life, but you have to invite him in PETE Lieutenant Colonel Dan Rooney. The book is fly into the wind on sale right now, theres a special on Fox nation as well about it Dan Rooney, longtime friend of the show. Thank you. So much we.
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