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Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez on race tightening in key swing state of Florida

2020-09-13 | 🔗
Florida Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nuñez joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’
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Jedediah, the twenty twenty race remains: Jedediah, the twenty twenty race remains neck and neck in Florida, but Joe Biden seems to be losing his grip. One hundred and one critical group of voters polls show hes lagging behind the President among Latinos in the key swing state a vote. Hillary won by a landslide back in twenty. Sixteen Should Joe Biden Joe Biden be concerned. Lets ask Florida June governor Jeanette Nuez. Obviously, people are a little bit suspicious of polls after two thousand and sixteen, but if these polls are accurate and conveying a trend, why is Joe Biden underperforming with Latinos? I think its simple. First of all, you have a president that has delivered, has kept his promises and has really authored a great chapter in terms of latino unemployment, record low home ownership on the rise, and yet you contrast that with Joe Biden and really his lack of campaigning in Florida, his inability to understand that Latinos care about faith, they care about family and they care about freedom and Joe Biden. Doesnt stand for any of those things
Jedediah. So you mentioned some of the issues: faith, family and freedom. What specifically, are Florida voters, latino voters in particular, looking at right now? Obviously, the economy would be a chief issue, but what can president trump? What can he do to really do more outreach to that community, given that Hillary Clinton did win in a landslide and you never want to be too overconfident right, of course not, and I think President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to the latino community to the diverse latino community in Florida in particular, and what weve seen with this president is action, its results. When you look at Joe Biden his plan to increase taxes on eighty percent of families thats something Latinos are not going to be in favor of when you look at his decision. When you look at his decision, reimagine police, thats, reimagine, police, thats, something as a mother of three I can tell you. Latinos do not want to see their families imperiled when they go out the door when they go to restaurants. They dont want to be accosted by rioters, and I can tell you the other thing is that this president has stood strong in the face of
dictators and I think Joe Biden, the likes of Bernie Sanders. A dot oc will simple, cower to global progressives and Jedediah Lieutenant governor. We dont have a lot of time left in this segment, but can I get some quick thoughts on Florida bars set to reopen tomorrow? Do you have any concerns at all? Weve looked at that for a long time, the governor has been very diligent in making sure that the plans that we put forward in terms of reopening are safe, smart and step by step, and so we have heard from a lot of these business owners. They want to do things the right way, and I have confidence that Floridians are going to know not only how to conduct themselves. Business owners know how to protect their employees and their patrons, and so were, hopefully that things will go very smoothly. Jedediah yeah and its important to note that the bars will be open at half capacity and will not be opening in the Miami Dade County, which is the hardest hit county by the pandemic and also the most populous county. So thats.
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