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'MAGA-Gras' car parades sweep Long Island: 'We're done being silent,' organizer says

2020-10-25 | 🔗
Long Island Loud Majority co-founders discuss organizing 'MAGA-Gras' car parades in support of President Trump.
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Will long islands loud will long islands loud majority is living up to their name. Thousands of cars will take to the streets for their Fifth M Aga Graw Parade rallying support for President Trump. You may recall the parade where supporters gathered and prayed for the president after diagnosed with Covid 19, those same organizers have been hosting Maga Graw rallies throughout Long Island and theyre. Here now, with a preview of Todays Parade, Long island, loud majority, CO, founder Shawn, F, Arash Kevin Smith and Heather Lehman thanks for joining me, Shawn first of Alltel, us whats behind your message, also youre driving me through Suffolk and Nassau counties. These are divided counties close to a split in these counties. So whats your message and how is it received message is Suffolk. County was red in twenty sixteen, but Nassau County was blue. We have a ton of energy and a ton of enthusiasm. This doesnt happen for presidents who are unpopular, this type of stuff, the people you see behind me and all throughout this parking lot wouldnt be here. If this president was unpopular and
if he wasnt the greatest president weve all witnessed in our lifetimes, the message is its okay. To be loud were done, being silent, its time to rise up together, find our voice and take back whats. Ours were taking back our country. We just took ten thousand cars on the road to Montauch, so its okay to be loud and conservative and okay to love your country and okay to love your President will Heather. I know you switched over from voting on the left voting for Democrats and id love to hear about that. Also. What is it? This is not just a rally to show support, youre, also giving back as well, I believe theres, a food drive. Is there not connected to the rally? Yes, we decided to utilize our numbers to give back to our our numbers, to give back to our communities in need and our montauch rally. We do so many. I start to get confused theres a lot. We actually
filled up ten truck eleven trucks and we donated all of them to a pantry out east and they actually said to us that our donation was enough to feed the families for over a year, so that was a great feeling will well thats great and really quickly Heather. What made you move over to voting for president Trump. After voting for Democrats, just a lot of corruption, I noticed over the past year on the left will fascinating and Kevin. So, regardless of the way this presidential election goes, I see theres plans to continue holding these rallies and perhaps even focus on other elections. Tell me about that Kevin. Well, in twenty twenty one, we have the New York City, mayor elections and its time to fix the city. The last real Republican we had was Rudy Giuliani and he fixed the city up after forty years of turning into nothing but Decay bill deblasio in the 400 year, history of New York City is the
single worst mayor weve ever had, and we need to do our best to get someone in there whose going to restore law and order and fix this bail policy, and following that, we have a governor election in twenty twenty, two and frankly, its time to end the C Uomo dynasty in New York will really quickly guys Shawn. You can tell me this the plans for today driving from where to where and are you causing a lot of traffic here, laughter well, its causing traffic, its kind of something we do because ive never seen so many people happy and willing to sit in traffic thats all I know this is something special but were driving from Farmingdale applause, laughter, cheers and applause thats. What im saying this is the loud majority were going from Farmingdale to Eisenhower Park and were having a huge freedom rally chanting. This is great. Listen to this
four more years will I can hear it its not necessarily for traffic. Those are the people thats. What were dealing with were going to win. Will we got to run? Thank you guys. Thank you for sharing that with.
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