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Mall Santa says 'no' to a Nerf gun for Christmas

2020-12-09 | 🔗
Michael and Sabella DeCarlo describe what happened to their son who was denied a Nerf gun from a mall Santa.
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Brian switching gears, Brian switching gears, a mall Santa, gets politically correct. Turning down one little boys request for Christmas Watch. What do you want for Christmas? Inaudible, no gun nerf gun, no, not even a nerf gun nope. If your dad wants to get it for you, thats fine, but I cant bring it to you. What else would you like? What do you think crying? Oh Steve, look at that the mall Santa said no to a nerf gun, which was all the little kid wanted, the next day, the mall apologized, and then they sent out a very special delivery to that kids house yesterday. Well, we are so sorry about that.
I heard about this up at the North pole, north pole and I rushed down inaudible, Ainsley joining US 4 year old and his parents good morning guys good morning good morning, so my mom, my heart, went out to you. You see your son crying and it looked like you are holding another child and you are trying to get to your son to comfort him tell us what happened there at the mall. Well, there was a little boy right before us and he had the cutest little exchange with Santa. So I asked my mom to record it because my husband was at Work Steve right, so we get up there and super excited to hear what he was going to say, and you know we all know what happened. So I was just in shock. I didnt, I thought he was joking. I thought he heard just gun so
thats, why I corrected him and said Nerf gun, and so I just thats my why I kind of paused a little bit and then I got to him and consoled h and I wanted to get him out of there. Brian Michael Senior, Steve Big, MIKE Brian Big MIKE, I should say. Could you tell me your reaction when you heard all of Thissor watched the tape back yeah, so my wife called me and told me what happened. I was at work and I was you know, like any parents reaction, your anger, angry and sad for your country, Ainsley angry at Santa, but you know, fortunately bad things ended up. Turning into a good thing for Michael and children e6r7, I was happy about that Steve yeah, absolutely little Michael. You were at the mall MIKE tell us about the Santa who said no to the gun and tell
us about the Santa that brought you the special package the next day. He is not a man of many words, laughter, Steve im, feeling it bad Santa Laughter Steve. Now you had to think that whenn, the bad Santa we should point out. It was not the same Santa that showed up Brian, bad Santa, like twenty Steve when the bad Santa said no to the guns you had to be thinking. Was this a mall policy or something like that, because you knew that the real Santa would bring that? Well, of course, the real Santa would bring its not like. He has to wear a unicorn or puppy. He asked for a toy that they sell in every retailer, even at that mall. So you know, I know that for some parents they dont allow nerf guns in their homes,
its a personal choice and thats fine. We respect that, but its a mainstream toy. So I was really taken aback and not prepared at all for that kind of reaction. You know, even if he doesnt agree with nerf guns or guns, thats fine, but you know its not his job to tell my son Ainsley thats right, thats right, its a parents job my job, to tell my son no, and I clearly reassured him that it was okay, so he could have just glazed over it and moved on, but you know I feel, like he shamed my son, for his choice in toys and Steve. He did what if he asked for a barbie, you know Brian, he would have said yes to it, Ainsley that would have been okay right. It is okay, its completely okay. Whatever a child wants to play with, you know its a parents job to allow it and not allow it its, not a mall santas choice:
Steve there is a silver lining: Ainsley yeah he didnt get the right training. He didnt go to Santa training school. The mall felt so bad about this and they were the ones that sent the Santa to your house. Brian, the good Santa Ainsley, the real Santa the real Santa Ainsley Hasbro heard about it, and they said the entire Hasbro team was moved by Mikeys love for nerfs. We are thrilled to surprise him with a care package of our latest nerf blasters just in time for the holidays, so dad. How do you feel about that? Does he want to answer? He can answer thats great? How do you feel good? What are you going to do with all those new cool nerf guns play nerf play nerf? He cant wait for daddy to come home from work to have a nerf war with his Santa Brian, offering a bike.
Nice tripled the price want a bike. Why not a car Steve? Why not a playstation five Brian, you dont think its sending a wrong message to using a nerf gun. All the parents from the 70s, 80s and 90s would have to apologize right. Absolutely its just a toy honest. There teaches we always go over proper handling anyway. Dont point it at anybody finger off the trigger. It is a big deal out of nothing I think Steve. So before you go, were you shocked to discover that that Little Mall Santa exchange you had your child and the Santa became global news? Yesterday I mean we had no intention of that happening. I didnt expect it. You know when it started growing in likes and shares. You know everyone was like get ready and I was like there is no way you know you dont think its going to happen.
You know, but that was never our intention. My mom documents, everything she does with her grandkids and you know it was no different than posting us at the pumpkin patch, so thatS Steve, exactly Ainsley. What did your mom say about it? My grandmother was so protective of her grandkids. What did your mom think? We were both shocked? We looked at each other in shock and once we got him out of there I mean she took him to the first kiosk. She saw to get him a toy, you know grandmas, they spoil their babies. She scoured the mall for a nerf gun and bought him a little army, tank, RC car and just wanted to get his mind off of. Is it Steve thats? How do you it Brian? The world is becoming too politically correct and finally, the world stood up and took a stand thanks so much. I know you are going to have a great Christmas thanks for telling us your story, Ainsley good story for the wedding one day.
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