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Marco Rubio slams Biden on Hispanic voter outreach in Miami

2020-10-06 | 🔗
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl., reacts to Joe Biden's Hispanic outreach in Miami on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Appreciate it Griff, meanwhile, lets bring in Florida Senator Marco Rubio. He happens to be a Republican, but he knows that he is a member of the foreign Senate Relations Committee. Senator great to see you thank you. Brian turns out. The vice president was in your area. Hes trying to win over the hispanic community as early voting or last day to register started ended yesterday, Heres a little of Joe Biden trying to win over Cuban Americans and Venezuelan Americans see how I it went. I would use sanctions as as o of the tools for comprehensive strategy that includes humanitarian assistance, international pressure and support for democratic actors in Venezuela to enforce the regime to embark on the road to a free and fair election. We also need a new Cuba policy. The administrations approach is not working. Cuba is no closer to freedom and
democracy than it was four years ago. In fact, there is more political prisoners. Secret police are as brutal as ever, and Russia is once again a major presence in Cuba, Brian. So I guess its president trumps fault, that there is a lack of freedom in Cuba, thats interesting. What about that policy that we can barely make out both of the statements are a joke. I mean a total joke on the issue of Venezuela. Is he basically describing the trump policy? Trump has actually done it more sanctions, thats what we have done: crippling sanctions, support for democratic actors. The president of the United States was the first world leader to interim President Juan Guide Andguaido. Fifty something countries recognize Guaido as legitimate government. I dont understand what it is. He would do any differently other than I think back down and actually reverse course and on Cuba. He is acting like when the Obama policies in place. They were closer to democracy, all the things he just criticized were in place you
when the Obama policies that he supports- and I imagine thats what I mean by a different policy. Going back to the Obama policy here is the biggest difference. When Obama was president, the cuban regime was making a lot six money off of tourism because of the democratic because of the economic opening that Obama put in place and Biden supported. So I think what he is basically saying is. We are going to allow them to start making money if he gets the presidency and on Vebz he will totally cave and collapse thats. Why, both in Caracas and Havana, the dictators are hoping that Joe Biden wins and Donald Trump loses. It is their only way forward, thats what they are hoping happens in this election. I guarantee it Steve Senator you are at home. I know the Senate is not going to be called back into official session for a couple of weeks when they take up Amy, Coney Barretts confirmation. I know the hearings are going to start on Monday, Chuck Schumer said this. He said the republican leadership has truly lost touch with reality. If its contemplating marching Covid stricken members to the Senate to rush through a
Supreme Court nominee who could strip Healthcare from twenty million Americans instead of engaging in continuously more absurd behavior, Chairman Graham, should halt this already illegitimate nomination process. Three senators have tested positively for Covid RON. Johnson was on the radio yesterday and he said he would go to the capitol in a moan suit to vote if it required that there is no getting this train off the tracks. At this point, its heading straight toward some sort of a vote right yeah. I follow his argument. He is basically saying we need to close down the fire department, because there is firefighters that have Covid lets close down. The police department lets close down the grocery stores and medical centers every workplace in America is facing a covid challenge. We have a job to do an essential job for the country, because we cant pass laws and we cant confirm Supreme Court nominees in the Senate. Doesnt meet these hearings are going to happen next week. Maybe virtually members can do it virtually so
they can protect themselves. There will be a vote and it will come to the floor and have a vote. We have a job to do. Take it as safely as possible and precaution as possible. We have a job to do. They were having the same complaints back in May. When we came back into session, then if it was up to them, you would basically Congress just wouldnt meet, I suppose, but every workplace in America could make. That argument. Then Ainsley. I know you wrote the forward for this new book, the heart of a great nation, timeless wisdom from Ronald Reagan, its on sale. Today, congratulations on that tell us about the book. Well, the book is about the wisdom of Ronald Reagan. Let me tell you why it was so important and the timing come out now. There is a growing theme among some that America is inherently flawed: source of evil and destruction in the history of the world. Yeah we have got good times. We have a lot of bad things about it. I think Reagan saw it in the reverse. We have to acknowledge the time we never said. America is a perfect nation. We have had blemishes in our history. We need to learn from those. We also need to recognize that
the way we got over those terrible things, slavery was defeated by Americans and is he Greg. Gation was ended by Americans and the Womens right to vote was led by american women. These were Americans too. The second points that Reagan understood is America is not perfect, but it is a good country, its the greatest country in human history. No nation has ever used as much of its power to help other.
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