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Mark Levin on Supreme Court vacancy battle: 'We don't take an oath to the Democrat Party'

2020-09-20 | 🔗
Fox News' Mark Levin discusses the controversy over appointing a new Supreme Court justice in place of Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the 2020 presidential election.
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Election icons and youre the election icons and youre the winner and youre, going to say no hes, not the winner and bring these lawsuits on the mail in ballots, lets, say: youre behind and you say: wait a minute: youve got millions of ballots out there. You guys put this process in place. Now we want to wait and see then theyre going to call you a dictator so either way they seem to be setting up a narrative but arent they basically undermining the integrity of the electoral process. President Trump look, they know it. Doesnt work were talking about numbers like thirty percent, and forty percent off were not talking, one percent, which is too much because you can lose by one percent. One percent is a lot but theyre off by zero percent. Sometimes ballots are missing. Theres fraud PETE President Trump with Mark Levin, and you can catch that entire interview tonight, 800 on the Fox NEWS Channel on a number of topics and here to react to that, as well as the news of the day Mark Levin host of life, Liberty and Levin author of the unfreedom of the prpress mark. Thank you so much for being here yesterday. After our show, we have a pitch meeting and
everyone said would do we need to hear from tomorrow and universally it was mark. Levin give us your take with this opening in the Supreme Court. What should the president do and where is this going to go? Well its a very strange thing, this Democrat Party? First of all, they hate the constitution because they spent the last several months pulling down statues of the founders and saying that the constitution was adopted by slave holders and then they wave it around to justify their destruction of the constitution. Lets be very, very clear. Let me read you a quote: thats their job theres, nothing in the constitution that says the President stops being president in his last year. Eight is not a good number for a body that sometimes disagrees. That was Ruth Bader Ginsburg in two thousand and sixteen. But this seat doesnt belong to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It doesnt belong to anybody its in the constitution and the american people, and the president has a say now under our constitutional
system, as will has said- and you both have said, the president makes a nomination now. What the Democrats want to do is sabotage this entire process. Theres. An excellent piece here is what is says twenty nine times in american history. Youve heard this because they are all reading the same column. There has been an open supreme court vacancy in a presidential election or a lame duck session before the next presidential inauguration. Please listen, America. This is important. The president made a nomination in all twenty nine cases. George Washington did it three times John Adams. Did it Thomas Jefferson? Did it Abraham Lincoln? Did it Franklin Roosevelt? Did it Dwight Eisenhower? Did it Barack Obama? Of course? Did it twenty two of the forty four men to hold the office face this situation and now twenty three, all twenty two made the decision to set
up a send it up whether or not they had the votes in the Senate. So in every single instance, in a situation like this, a president has made a nomination. Why? Because its compelled by the constitution? So when I listen to Susan Collins and Romney and LISA Murkowski and the other Republicans who say this be political, this be unfair. They are failing to uphold their oath to the constitution of the United States. We dont take an other to the Democrat Party. We dont take an other to chuck Schumer. We didnt take an oath to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. God bless her one of the most left wing political, active justices in american history, which is why left is freaking out. Also the american people understand this. The New York Post has a poll out most Americans, regardless of whether they are republican or Democrat, believe the Senate should move forward with confirmation hearings for a
Supreme Court justice this year, its a Marquette University law, school poll, sixty seven percent of respondents believe confirmation should proceed in twenty twenty, while just thirty two percent say no. That was conducted September, 8 September fifteen, just days before the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So, according to the Democrats, the whole country should stop. The Supreme Court should stop the president. Shouldnt uphold the constitution. The majority in the Senate shouldnt uphold the constitution because they hope Joe Biden will be elected president that they will take the Senate now. What are they threatening to pack the court? The last president, due to that was Franklin. Roosevelt do you know who stopped him? The Democrat Congress, because the Democrat Congress said constitution before party his own vice president worked behind his back a former speaker of the house to stop Franklin Rotundas. Today, Democrat after Democrat, starting with Biden on down, says theyre going to pack the court. If the president of
the United States fails to comply with the constitution and if the Senate fails to comply with the constitution, so choosing not to full. This vacancy be unprecedented in american history, Democrat Republican, Federalist, it doesnt matter this party, the Democrat Party, is so far off the rails. It is appalling. What are they proposing? They want to eliminate the electoral college thats in the constitution. We talk about packing the Supreme Court. My buddy Bong Ino had an idea, and I, like it, you pack the court and when we take over well add a few more justices too. So you better be careful what door youre opening here they want to overrule the state and overwhelm the state voting systems with mail. Daniel in votes they know, will create all kinds of chaos on election night theyre telling Biden never concede. Hillary Clinton dont concede under any circumstances. They want to end the Senate filibuster. They want to add four Democrats
to the Senate from d dot C and Puerto Rico. The Democrat Party is the Party of Antifa the Party of Black lives matter. You have Nancy Pelosi, calling federal law enforcement storm troopers. You had jimclyburn talking about federal law enforcement as gust Apo. They were silent for three months, while lawless riots were taking place and now theyre encouraging them. You have Democrat spokesman for former Clinton and Obama officials saying out there you do this. Not only will this justice be illegitimate, but were going to take to the streets. So now we have a mob and the mob has a home and its called the Democrat Party and im going to tell you something this mob. One way or another will be crushed if theyre not crushed at the voting booth, they will be crushed otherwise, because what they have in sight is not even Donald Trump, its our constitution, you heard AOC. She is a radical. She is illiterate when it comes
to the constitution and she is leading this party.
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