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Mark Meadows: Trump is pushing very hard for coronavirus vaccine before end of year

2020-09-17 | 🔗
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows weighs in on the race for a coronavirus vaccine on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Politics will not play a role whatsoever in the vaccine process. I trust vaccines. I trust scientists, but I dont trust Donald Trump Brian thats, a shocker lets bring in mark meadows. He is White House chief of staff. One of the busiest people around Mark welcome back its good to be back with you good morning, everybody Brian yesterday, a bit of discrepancy. The president thought we would have a vaccine by the end of the year and then the CDC head says you know what we are probably going to get into the masses in the summer of two thousand and twenty one he said the CDC director is was wrong. I will have to straighten him out. Who is right? I would tell you if I were a betting man. I would bet on President Trump based on what I know behind the scenes, how quickly we are moving on the clinical trials. I think that we will at least have some results in October. As we start to look at those results, I can tell you, the
president is pushing very hard to make sure that we are delivering a vaccine before the end of the year, so im not sure where Dr Redfield got his particular timetable, but its not based on those that are closest to the process. Steve yeah, Mr Meadows, the president, was talking yesterday about how Joe Biden is not helping out people who are could be vulnerable, because is he talking about? Essentially the president called him, an anti vaxer with his rhetoric that you know, dont trust that vaccine, because Donald Trump might be pushing it through? Is that the right message from the vice president well its the wrong message from Joe Biden? But why should would he be surprised? He has had the wrong message for forty seven years and so listen. This is about peoples, health. I can tell you, the president has been consistent, make sure our science, our doctors, our developers and indeed the pharmaceutical industry, are fully engaged to deliver to the american people
as quickly as possible, and I would say in historic record time, and so it is not responsible and perhaps what Joe Biden should be doing is calling on Nancy Pelosi to stay here and get a covid relief package passed today. Ainsley the FED chairman Jerome Powell. Is he warning if they dont pass this? Listen to what he says if there is no follow up on that, if there isnt additional support and there isnt a job for some of those people who are from industries where its going to be very hard to find new work, then you that will start to show up in economic activity. It will also show up in things like evictions and foreclosures, and you know things that will scar and damages economy Ainsley. Where are we on the negotiations? Well, we have had some positive movement in the right direction. I was on the phone with some Democrat House members and as well as a few senators last
night. I can see that there is actually a group that are not just the problem solvers group, although they have done great work in putting out their proposal in the last forty eight hours, but its also republican senators and house members that are trying to come together heres. What we need to to do. Everyone needs to call on their house member to make sure that they stay here that reneg United States at least lets use this one dollar and fifty cents trillion new recommendation as a foundation for new negotiations. But if you are not going to do that, take your cameras to DCA today, you many see members of Congress leaving Washington to go home and pretend like they are working hard on this particular deal when, in fact the checks are not going out to the american people and unemployment benefits will start to cease. Brian president wants a bigger deal more than the Republicans are asking for. You have been there every day
every hour. Something substantial goes on. Mark meadows is in that meeting. What number did he tell you he wants? He was certainly willing to embrace the one point: five trillion dollar number that was put out in the last in the last day, or so it really depends on what the priorities are. You mentioned earlier airlines and the need for help there a meeting with airline ceos. Today we have got tens of thousands of people that are about to be laid off if nothing more lets go ahead and put that package on the floor and pass that because, hopefully all of us can agree that laying off airline workers at this particular time is not something we should do Steve absolutely. There is a big item in the the Washington Post this morning and the New York Times as well. I dont know if you have seen it recapping, a speech that Bill Barr, the attorney general gave at Hillsdale College and essentially what he was saying is. He was railing against the career at the Department of
Justice. He said they are head hunting for high profile targets, meddling with politics, which is extraordinary. Some people on the presidents side would say that sounds like the deep state heres, the attorney general. Listen to this rather than root out true crimes, while leaving ethical, dubious conduct to the voters. Our prosecutors have all too inserted themselves into the political process based on the flimsiest legal theories. We have seen this time and time again with prosecutors, bringing ill conceived, charges against prominent political figures or launching debilitating investigations that thrust the Department of Justice into the middle of the political process, Steve its not supposed to be like that mark. He goes on to say the way the Doj works is these career
prosecutors. They decide what the Doj should do, not the attorney general, the attorney general says, look im the top guy its my decision, its not yours. Well, when we talk about setting priorities, bill, Barr is exactly right. We need to make sure that everyone is treated equally under the law, but unfortunately, some some would say its the deep state, I would just say its actually the swamp that continues to try to make sure a political agenda is driven instead of law and order and justice for all. But I can also say we dont have to look any further than the Mueller Investigation, where we spent tens of millions of dollars in wasted unbelievable time to come out with a report. To conclude what we already knew that there was no conclusion, so it is time that we get back. We restore the integrity to the Department of Justice and the FBI. I think we are well on our way, because we have gotten leaders who are willing to hold people
accountable, but it is what we all hate about. Our federal government is when they play.
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