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Mark Morgan on US crime wave: Politics are being put ahead of public safety and it has to stop

2020-07-22 | 🔗
Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan joins 'Fox & Friends' after 14 people are shot in another violent night in Chicago.
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Expected to address the rise in crime later this afternoon. First, we want to start this morning by bringing in Mark Morgan the acting Cbp Commissioner, good morning to you. I want to hit on both of those lets start first with Chicago, Sir, and we sneeze Griff bless you Lori Lightfoot, addressing the thought of the administration, putting officers into the spiraling virus out of control. Sound bite want your reaction, unlike what happened in Portland. What we will receive is resources that are going to plug in to the existing federal agencies that we work with on a regular basis to help manage and support violent crime in our city. I have been very clear: we welcome actual partnership, but we do not welcome dictatorship.
We do not welcome authorism. We do not welcome unconstitutional arrests and detainment of our residents Griff, and she followed it up. Mr Commissioner, with this tweet under no circumstances will I allow Donald trumps troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents. Mr Commissioner, your reaction. Well, first of all, I completely dismiss her reference into what happened in Portland. Those are misinformed, irresponsible and reckless statements and just devoid of any fact or truth again. Our presence in Portland is to respond to violent criminals, who are willfully knowingly, with intent, attacking federal property and the federal law enforcements there to defend that property. Hard stop on that very important to know that whats happening in Portland is very different than the violence in Chicago. Those are two different things. This president has been very
clear. He is not going to stand idly by while he sees the type of violence happening in Portland or the type of violence happening in Chicago. I have been law enforcement officer for a long time. There is hundreds, if not a couple thousand federal agents in Chicago what I anticipate federal agents are going to go into Chicago and work together to stop this violence, Steve all right. You mentioned Portland and Chicago. We have got a soundbite from Chad, Wolf and is he talking about what is going on in Portland? And you are right. It is different watch this. If you are a violent rioter looking to inflict damage to federal property or law enforcement officers, you need to find another line of work. We will not retreat. We will continue to take the appropriate action to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers. Steve and Mr Morgan whats,
going on in Portland last night, was the 55th flight night of pro thats. Why the president sent in the troops to protect the federal property there, its within the law of the president, to do just that, but its interesting senators, Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, who are both Illinois Democrats? They warned the White House not to send what they referred to as camouflage secret police to Chicago. They want to pass legislation to prevent the president from deploying what they called paramilitary troops to cities uninvited. What do you make of that? Because a lot has been said about these guys and women up in Portland who are in uniforms that dont have their name on them, but we heard yesterday that, apparently I think thirty five of the officers were doxxed by somebody and now their information is all over the internet. Steve again, its just a false narrative. Unfortunately there are lies
that are being told. I was at that press conference. I actually stood up. I held the uniform actually being worn by the federal agents. They are not troops, they are professional, federal law enforcement personnel. They have patches on them. They have patches that represents Cbp border patrol. They have police on the front and back that clearly identifies them as police as federal agents. So people are saying thats just knot, true to your point real quickly on the name tags as acting. Commissioner, I support and I authorize for them not to wear their name tags because they are specifically being doxxed so now its not just putting their lives but also putting their family lives at risk. Thats unacceptable, im not going to allow that to happen Steve one other thing. I had heard that they had unique markers to indicate what branch of the government they everywhere from, but there were no names because of the fear of their identities. Being you know Doxd Et Cetera, but regarding the unmarked vehicles, I have read a number
of explanations of why you have decided to do that. Absolutely. First of all, the use of unmarked vehicles are used throughout this entire country by city state and the federal agencies I spent twenty years in the FBI and the only vehicle I drove was unmarked vehicle to do my job. In this case, these specific circumstances we have seen marked vehicles across cities and country being attacked. We saw New York where incendiary device was thrown inside a marked police vehicle with uniformed people inside. This is a common sense approach to safeguard the law enforcement officers that are doing their job Ainsley. Commissioner, it does make sense to work together right. We have to come together on this. We are all Americans thats, more important than what party you are with this is an election year. Many are saying that these democratic mayors, dont, want to work with the president and dont want federal agents in only for that reason, because theyre making it political last night on Sean Hannitys show he had a man on his name. Was Raymond Lopez
he lives in Chicago? He is Alderman a elected person who represents a burrow people are throwing bricks in his windows, people who represent counties and government. He is a Democrat. He said that several times on Seans show last night he said, look its not about being democrat or Republican. We all need to work together. We are all Americans. Listen to this. I am a Democrat who actually also cares about the safety of my residents and the safety of all of Chicago, so its not a lost cause for the Democratic Party to be both a Democrat and believe that people should be safe and secure in their neighborhoods. Our mayor and president has gone on for weeks whether or not to have federal assistance and jewels. Today she finally said well: okay, im, okay with it now how many of our children had to die because of that back and forth political posturing. How much of this nonsense had to continue, as opposed to just saying to the president? Look, I know we dont agree, but lets
agree to help put an end to the carnage in our city. Ainsley. Exactly people should be able to go to a funeral, they were modern mourning a man shot in Chicago last week. People come outside on the sidewalk, and one people are shot when this black vehicle drives up. Shots are fired and people at the funeral even had to bring weapons. They fired back at the guys. The car crashes down the street fourteen people shot. Some people said it looked like a war zone. We cannot keep ignoring this problem right, commissioner, what with k we do to bring people together absolutely right. That representative spoke. This should not matter what political party youre on this is about law and order. This is about wanting to walk down the street and not be concerned that your baby and your stroller is going to be shot that you can attend a funeral and theres not going to be a war zone in the aftermath. This is incredulous that were not joining together and being
united, saying. This must stop and, as you said, work together, this should not be about political ideology, thats what we are seeing. We are seeing politics put before public safety. This has got to stop as someone who has been law enforcement, my entire adult life. I have never seen it like this before this should not be political. This has to stop Griff. Let me ask you, Mr Commissioner, you mentioned the politics of it and, of course, we played Mayor Lightfoot, calling it trump troops earlier in the week. Speaker Pelosi called what your agents are as storm troopers. What is the reaction of the men and women carrying out law enforcement there to words like that? And what do you say to her im? Disgusted im, disgusted, Griff look so far this year, Cbp just Cbp alone. We have lost ten personnel ten in the line of duty and for her to refer to those
men and women as storm troopers. That is IR its absolutely disgusting. It goes right to the heart, because I know the character, and I know these men and women that are sacrificing so much when their political leaders are using disparaging terms like that, its just reckless and untrue. These are professional civil law enforcement individuals that are out there doing their job protecting this great nation. They are not storm troopers and Nancy Pelosi Griff. You mentioned the politics of it just to bring a point here. What you are doing in Portland is authorized under forty: U Dot S code, one thousand four hundred and fifty to protect federal property was that ever used before in your law enforcement career? Yes, yes, this is not the first time I wish people would read it again. Title forty USC one thousand three hundred and fifteen read that statute. It doesnt tell the secretary. If he wants to, he can go protect the one thousand nine hundred federal buildings. It says he must
thats whats happening in Portland. We had credible information that these violent criminals were going to attack the federal building thats. Why we surged additional resources? Guess what in the first night, we did that the violent protesters and criminals did just that. I dont understand what the issue is and the mayor is asking for federal agents to go home shouldnt. He be asking for the criminals to go home, Steve sure, but Mark you know, whats going on its an election year. We are about one hundred days away from an election. This has become a political, hot, potato thats. One of the reasons why the president is going to address the crime waive as he sees it across the country later today, as he talks about operation legend, you know, and you worked during the Obama administration as well. You proudly served the nation. You know there are people in towns not impacted by violence today, but they are sitting at home and going. I wonder when were next thats absolutely right
and they should be asking this, because if we have leaders in cities that allow this type of violence to happen and then by somehow Ainsley, like you said, working together is somehow a bad thing. I have faith in the american people that they dont believe that that they see whats going on and they should demand that political leaders across the aisle make us, as law enforcement professionals, get together to protect the citizens in their state thats what they expect thats what they should demand and thats what we should be doing. What we are seeing right now is politics being plalsed above public safety. People should be outraged. Does that mean we will see an end to the violence on November? Fourth, look. I wish I had a crystal ball, but what I am hoping for is that we can continue to get together, push politics aside and do what we need to do to protect the citizens of this country. What we are seeing in Chicago and New York and other cities is unacceptable.
Its got to stop. I mean look fourteen people shot in one night. We should all be standing up saying we have got to stop that Ainsley. A lot of them were women that were on the street outside on that sidewalk. In in front of funeral home, we have heard of children being killed, babies being killed. You are right.
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