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Mark Morgan slams Portland mob attack as 'attempted murder'

2020-08-18 | 🔗
Portland man beaten unconscious, woman assaulted; Acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan reacts.
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Es and no arrests have been made Steve Ainsley Brian back to you, Steve Todd lets bring in Mark Morgan, the acting Cbp Commissioner joining us from d dot c mark good morning to you good Morning, Steve. I just got a text message from a friend of mine who saw the video and said that should be assault with intent to kill a karate kick to the head of a kneeling man, absolutely horrible, but as Brian mentioned a moment ago, that video from that protest turned violent, not getting a lot of mainstream media air play, whereas if that had happened at say a Trump rally or one of those trump Floatillas, it be the lead story on every channel for the next three weeks. You know Steve that absolutely right. First of all, this is absolutely should be prosecuted as attempt ed murder, and what you just said is the second layer of tragedy that its not getting more attention look. This is clearly what happens when we have individuals that defend, deny and at times actually encourage this type of violence.
When we have policies and the lack of leadership that absolutely promotes lawlessness. American people need to be standing up and paying attention were at a crossroads in this country at this very moment, Ainsley. Why dont we hear more condemnation of this watch this this lady. Can you play that video again watch what they do to this woman? They jump on top of her. She gets out of the truck. It looks like shes checking on the man in the driver seat and then she walks around and some lady comes up behind her and slams her to the ground. Watch right here. Look at that. Why arent we hearing more about this? Why isnt anyone arrested whats, going on Look Ainsley that is tough to watch ive been a career law enforcement officer for thirty years and im telling you that is hard for me to see, and I can draw no other conclusion that right now at no greater time we are putting politics above public safety thats. Why youre not seeing
that more and thats outrageous Brian? Listen! If you want to see the video go to drew, Hernandezs Twitter feed with all this video lined up its an open and shut case, its all there, theres people being attacked for just walking, so are you going to send? Are you going to recommend sending back in federal troops being that the federal court House is no longer protected, because the state cops not backed by the mayor have decided to leave Brian? I could tell you, as the Cbp commissioner ive said it before and ill continue to say it. We will support any request to have additional resources, go to defend the rule of law and protect the citizens where cities fail to do so for the citizens as the acting Cbp. Commissioner, I will support that one hundred percent every single time, Steve weve, got to point out at some of these events. There are protesters and then there are bad actors who make things happen and thats where the trouble is thats. What everybody has a
problem with, but you would never know that if you were listening to the Dnc last night, listen to a variety of Democrats right here. While we were peacefully protesting, Donald Trump was plotting. He sent troops in camouflage into our streets, he sent tear gas into the air and federal helicopters too. He has tried to prevent people from voting deployed. The military and federal agents against peaceful protesters. Kids in this country are see requiring empathy of one another. They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages and pepper sprayed and rubber bullets are used on peaceful protesters for a photo Op Steve. Where is the fact checker, because the administration has got no problem with peaceful protests, but were not talking about peaceful protests. Mark Steve look
I want to stay out of politics, but what I can tell you is anyone who refers to whats, going on specifically in Portland for almost three months as totally peaceful and like were going after peaceful protesters, thats, not just a manipulation of the fact, thats an outright lie, and can I quickly comment on something that Michelle Obama said about kids in cages? That is outrageous. I thought we put that to bed. I was actually the chief of the border patrol under the Obama administration and when those facilities were built, they were actually built to get kids and families out of our overcrowded facilities and to open their facilities with thousands of square feet, and at that moment was built under the Obama administration. It was allotted as an absolutely incredibly positive thing, its outrageous now that its being used as a political talking point Ainsley speaking of immigration. I know as Cbp director you are going with the president down to the border to Yuma Arizona, whats going to happen there. Well, I dont want to get in
front of the announcement, but its going to be another significant milestone of a number of miles of wall system that have been built and ive said it before and ill continue to say it Ainsley is that every mile of wall system that is built this country is safer because of it our ability to enter drugs, killing thousands of Americans increases gangs like MS 13, whose motto is to rape, kill and control and other criminals that continue their havoc and more victims in this country. Every law system enables us to protect this country, greater thats. What were going to be celebrating later today, Brian, by the way, the pictures of kids in ages came from the Obama era, not the Trump era Mark Morgan thanks so much its going to be an important day. That was one of the things the.
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