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Markowicz: We immigrants know the America-bashers are ridiculously wrong

2020-07-21 | 🔗
New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz, who fled soviet the Soviet Union with her family in the 1970s, warns America-hating has real consequences.
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Of the money, Steve Steve Griff, thank you from protesters toppling statues to burning american flags. Our next guest, whose family immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union in the late 70s warns of real consequences to some of the recent anti american sentiment here to explain is New York, Post column columnist good morning to you and by the way, happy anniversary. Yesterday was July twenty, which is what day in your life. I can call it our americaver Sary the day our mother arrived to this great country and we celebrated every year its a big event in my family up there with birthdays and other holidays, its really a big deal to us Steve and I read your column, and I know your father came over the year before you did. When you arrived in the United States in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, the United States was in disarray, thats right Steve. It was a time when people were questioning. You know I dont know if our best days are
still ahead of us absolutely yeah. You know, I think, a lot of people dont remember that Americas been through hard times before and weve gotten through them. In the late 70s, my parents arrived to a crime ridden country just all kinds of issues. Internationally, we were in big trouble. Iran had taken american hostages for years, and things like this had happened and it really weve come out of it and so like we come to face where people dont really have that kind of hope, and I think people need to have it. America is not perfect, but were the greatest country thats ever been and its not even close. So we need to have hope for the future and I think our best days are ahead Steve. Do you think Carol that point of view is such with you? Because you came to this country you wanted to get out of the Soviet Union. You wanted to go to the United States because it was something special, because there are a lot of people in this country who dont feel like you do
well look theres a lot of great countries in the world, but theres, no Australia, dream theres. No Finland dream its the american Dream and absolutely this is the place that the beacon for freedom to people all over the world living in really terrible conditions and absolutely we wanted to come to America to be free and to live here, and I think the challenge is my children are now american children who will never know the struggle that my parents went through and the challenges you have them remember and have them know what their forefathers went through and to not take it for granted and to not grow up to be AOC. Who calls what we live in garbage and its a real challenge to raise happy confident american children who have everything and not have them, take that for granted Steve Carol. What would you say to somebody who was tearing down one of the statues of lets? Say George Washington its just? I would tell them
that theyre destroying the history of the best country in world history and nobody is perfect. George Washington, wasnt, perfect, but if we are waiting for perfect people to put them on statues, well be waiting a really long time Steve. You can read her op Ed its great from the New York Post Carol. Thank you very much.
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