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Maryland governor overturns county mandate to keep private schools closed this fall

2020-08-04 | 🔗
The governor of Maryland steps in after a Montgomery County health official prohibits private schools from reopening until at least October; Maryland House of Delegates Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga reacts.
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Investigator are blaming bad weather for the crash PETE Pete. Thank you. Ainsley Montgomery, County Maryland Home to one of the largest school districts in the country, while public officials were able to choose their plans for the fall, private schools, seemingly didnt get the same treatment. Instead, a county health official predicted them from reopening until at least October. Now the governor of Maryland is stepping in and overturning that mandate. Saying quote as long as schools develop safe and detailed plans that follow the CDC and state guidelines. They should be empowered to do whats best for their community here to react. Is minority whip in the Maryland House of delegates? Cathy Chalet go Cathy. Thank you so much for being here this morning. What do you make? First of the Montgomery County health departments decision to say, hey private schools? You have to stay closed as well in. I was shocked when I read this on Friday. Of course, great Friday release right, they are closing all nonpublic
schools in Montgomery County and the threat of a one year, jail sentence and five thousand dollars. Fine, I was outraged. I do not represent Montgomery County. It is around the d dot c suburbs and because of Jerry Mandering, they have zero Republicans that represent them. So you know, I stepped in immediately urged the governor to overturn that one unelected health officer should never have the power to close nonpublic schools. These schools are going to great length to make sure the kids are safe. Parents are willing sending their parents there outrageous im, glad Governor Hogan stepped in and stopped this. It made the choice to send kids to that school. We reached out to the health and Human Services Department for a statement they directed to us a tweet from county executive Mark Elrich, and this is what it said. Our decision to restrict
nonpublic schools for from in person instruction one concern in mind: protecting the public health of our residents. It was not an easy decision, as we have done view this. This pandemic, we used data and science to guide us, not politics, Cathy. Ultimately, it is elected politicians who should make these decisions. An unelected health official decided to close these schools very similar at the national level. Everyone is saying, Anthony Fauci should be making every call. No one elected Anthony Fauci, they elected Donald Trump same case Larry Hogan has overturned this absolutely look, nothing hate more than competition. They have shuttered schools. Most of the schools in Maryland will not reopen until January. So you know the backlash from parents saying hey. We know the CDC says we can open safely. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages kids to get back to school, and parents know that these
schools are responsible. You know, essentially a business that are reacting to customers. In the meantime, this county has playgrounds open. If you are going to a private school, they are going to have a health check. When you arrive a temperature scan a verbal health check, they separated desks, they have staggered entry times. They have really done all the things necessary to get kids back in the classroom, and you know the teachers union, I think, is reacting by doing something like this PETE. Nobody representative, nobody is winging it here. These private schools would be following guidance to keep kids safe and ultimately it is true that if you didnt feel safe going to that private school, of course, you could reenroll your kids in the local government school as well. Absolutely this is driven by parents, administration, teachers staff, the teachers. I know I know plenty of teachers they want to
get back in the classroom. You know you cant teach five and 6 year olds to learn on a computer to read once you know how to read. Can you read to learn but learning to read on a zoom call, I mean come on. We know thats not going to happen PETE. We have all been there that dog does not hunt Cathy Szeliga Minority WHIP Maryland House of delegates. Thank you for being with us.
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