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McEnany gives update on Trump's health, slams Pelosi for 25th Amendment talk

2020-10-09 | 🔗
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany slams Nancy Pelosi's talk of remove Trump with the 25th Amendment on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley and Brian Ainsley thanks so much Janice lets bring in Kayleigh Mcenany White House Secretary. First of all, let me ask you about your health. Before we talk about the hurricane im feeling great no symptoms, the hardest part is being isolated from my 10 month old im, feeling great and im blessed being asymptomatic, Ainsley whats, the presidents message for the folks in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, that about to get hit with another storm Kayleigh his heart is with him. The federal government is on your side. Hes been actively engaged on the phone with governors and made sure that FEMA has assets deployed on the ground, stay calm and listen to your governors and local instructions of your leaders there. But the federal government is ready to assist Brian lets, move on and talk about the president last night on with Sean Hannity and mentioned he did cough a couple of times. I might be doing an event in Florida and maybe Pennsylvania
after what have you heard about that? What are the possibilities and being that youre in separate locations? What could you tell us that you noticed about the presidents condition Kayleigh? The president? I was on the phone with him three to four times yesterday, hes hard at work and ready to go and wants to talk to the american people and wants to be out there logistically. If tomorrow is possible, it would be tough and it would be a decision for the campaign we are trying to keep up with the president, who is ready to go and ready to be out there as soon as hes, okay from his doctors, Steve absolutely his doctor did put out a statement yesterday. That said that he would be clear for takeoff essentially- and you know, resume public activities as early as tomorrow, but but what is the bar that the president has to pass a negative covid test? What happens Kayleigh? I spoke to
Dr Conley yesterday and that Saturday he would be clear to go. I would leave that to him as to how that works medically, but he assured me that there are medical tests underway that will ensure that when the president is back out there, he will be not be able to transmit the virus. So Dr Conley will lay exactly how that looks out medically speaking, but rest assure he will be in a good spot before he goes out there Steve. If the president takes a covid test and comes back positive, he cant go out yet right, Kayleigh yeah again, I will leave it to Dr Conley because he has the granular details of the testing and what medical bar needs to be met to make sure youre, not transmittible theyll, be a test in place and rest. Assure the test will show that its not transmissible, he wont be out there if he can transmit the virus. Ainsley Nancy Pelosi, doesnt think hes doing well thinks the medicine is making him a little crazy and creating the commission to evaluate the presidents, mental and physical fitness using
the 25th amendment. This is what she said. I think that the public needs to know the health condition of the president theres one question that he refuses. They refuse to answer when before he got the virus and admitted to it. When was his last negative test, when was his last negative test to make a judgment about the actions that were taken after that tomorrow by the way tomorrow come here tomorrow, we will be talking about the 25th amendment, but not to take attention away from the subject we had now. Ainsley 25th amendment says that the President cant do his vice president and the vice president would resume the powers. What do you say about that Kayleigh? You know thats an absurd proposition from Nancy Pelosi. The only one who needs to be looking at the 25th amendment is Nancy Pelosi herself she had bizarre NBC and
in the middle of it after she suggested using impeachment to make sure that Amy Coney Barrett doesnt get on the court impeachment of the president of the United States and in the middle of the interview she blurs out good Sunday morning. Maybe shes projecting here, because the 25th amendment no reason for it to be considered with president of the United States, but maybe for Nancy Pelosi, herself, Brian any chance of getting that debate on track with the president, accepting virtual debate with cameras and monitors in each camp from the other camp Kayleigh, the president has no interest in virtual debate. You can see Joe Biden he could bare. I will keep up in the debate stage last night and access to maybe teleprompters, who knows the president wouldnt be there to hold him accountable, its not a fair format and for the commission on presidential Debates, commission to reelect Joe Biden announced that the 730 was no input from the campaign and shows the work from the.
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