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McEnany touts Trump's 'historic' vaccine progress compared to 'disaster' under Biden

2020-11-14 | 🔗
Kayleigh McEnany, Trump 2020 campaign adviser, gives update on coronavirus vaccine progress and the election lawsuits on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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President said yesterday and get your reaction President Trump, the average development timeline for the vaccine, including clinical tests and manufacturing, can take eight to twelve years through operation. Warp speed were doing it in less than one year. This process is starting right away. Millions of doses will soon be going out the door. They are already waiting for that final approval. As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population. Ideally, we wont go to a lock down. I will not go. This administration will not be going to a lockdown, it wont be a necessity. Lockdowns cost lives and it costs a lot of problems. Pete a lot of good news from that podium there. The country doesnt, have the appetite for a lockdown Kayleigh and, at the same time, operation warp speed delivering that vaccine. Maybe it could have been announced a few weeks earlier, which raises eyebrows for folks, but its coming. Absolutely look what this president has done. This is
historic. This is record time, the fastest time for a vaccine in history by five times its because President Trump tore down bureaucracy, regulations, barriers to get a safe and effective vaccine by the end of the year and what he did- and this is so brilliant manufacture the vaccines at the front end so its not as if we get a green light on a vaccine and then you manufacture after he did it on the front end. And when you compare this to the disastrous vaccine under Joe Biden disaster, its a politico article about the mishandling of the swine flu, and they promised one hundred million vaccines and brought it down to forty million and ended up distributing twelve million not to the vulnerable populations. It was the disaster, a story of a businessman as president versus a liberal Democrat who gets tangled up in regulations, bureaucracy and just simply cannot deliver, will Kayleigh. Can you give us insight? I want to see if we can get some sense of where this might be going in the coming months. President Trump said twenty million
vaccines available in December. What would that look like in the ensuing months, and also while were on the note he said no lockdowns, no lockdowns during his administration? What, though, should we expect from either a governmental mandate from the federal government or at least advice when it comes to rising coronavirus cases? The twenty million is huge in December. You know well be in the fall. Obviously, the winter months thatll go to elderly populations to our frontline workers. It will protect them and coming just in time when we need it thanks to President Trump, but of course, were not going to lockdown this country again. The lockdown was for a specific reason. This was a novel virus that came in from China. No one had seen it. We had to temporarily shutdown the country to administer and develop therapeutics good working products to make sure we can move forward and reopen society were past, that no more lockdowns thats the design of liberal Democrats, but its not the american way not happening on President Trump S watch
Jedediah Kayleigh. I want to ask you about the state of the race. From your perspective, some news that broke this week is that Pennsylvania had Reject Ed Trump campaign and GOP legal challenges. Five of them, I believe, to the ballots. As the Secretary of State is saying, she will not order a recount weave, seen in some other states that they have denied hearing the cases, because they lack specificity, and some have argued theres no case here for widespread voter fraud. That would change the outcome of the election, but I want to give you this, how you see it at this point? From your perspective, sure we have a significant argument that are so important for this election and every election. Beyond this moment, the Secretary of State you mentioned is an anti trump leftist with tweets to that effect. She spent her time in the months coming up to this election, trying to change the rules to favor Joe Biden and the Democrat S, and she created a system where, if youre in seven Democrat counties in pennsylvania- and you had a mail in ballot that was
defective, you got contacted by the Democrat Party and contacted by democrat candidates. Go in and fix your ballot, even though the legislature said theres no way to do this in the advance, but in the other, sixty republican counties. You didnt get this opportunity its an unconstitutional system. Everyone in this country has the fundamental right to cast their ballot and we must fight this fight and we will fight this fight. President Trump is making sure this election was fair and that only the legal votes are counted and that going forward. We dont have situations like in Nevada, where I was just reading about some of the things they put in place where they Mass mailed out the ballots. They allowed people to fill out ballots for those sixty five years and older fill out ballots on their behalf ballot harvest and up to three days after the election, you could still vote. You didnt need a postmark on your ballot. That is not an effective system and put in place because President Trump was winning Nevada, PETE Kayleigh. You know it feels like the Trump campaign has shifted its argument away from individual circumstances per se into systemic issues that were part of his campaign and an
article in the Federalist caught. My eye and part of the argument said president trumps lawyers arent, making the same argument as your uncle on Facebook. They are playing for keeps the thrust of their legal argument. Doesnt hinge on the number of fraudulent ballots, but the inconsistent and illegal application of election law, namely in Pennsylvania. Are you making a larger argument that there were two tracks? Two systems and therefore certain people were disenfranchised and you dont want the official count Validat Ed. So that is absolutely the argument that were making in Pennsylvania the unequal system where Republicans and Democrats were treated differently when it came to voting, but were also making the argument about irregularities in Michigan ive held up. I have the binders here of our affidavits, the two hundred and thirty four pages of our poll watchers, who were by the way pushed shoved called racial slurs, gender, specific slurs as well. This was in Michigan and when they did have access to see the ballots and the count, they found significant irregularities. All documented and sworn testimony so were
making that argument as well, but in a state like Pennsylvania, when we were unable to see the counting of six hundred and twenty seven thousand ballots unable to see that unable to identify irregularities, we needed access to that to see the count and to see how it was happening, because for a very long time in cities like Detroit in cities, like Philadelphia poll watchers, have been bullied. There have been election fraud and we want access to those ballots so were making both arguments. Pete will just to be clear. Kayleigh when you make the argument, it was a two track system, a larger systemic issue. Are you talking about, as you just point out there, I believe the access to ballots in the proximity of poll, watchers and theres also an argument about the curing of flawed ballots. I believe as well is that right. That is exactly right, so it was the curing of flawed ballots in Democrat counties, even though the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania said theres no way to cure a flawed ballot. In fact, Pennsylvania Election Code says when the ballots come in. This is in advance of election
day youre supposed to put in a storage container. They are supposed to be locked until election day at 700, a dot m. You are allowed to start what they call canvassing the ballots looking at them and then youre not allowed to report results until five p dot m. This is under Pennsylvania LAW, but Democrats designed a system where they were doing this in advance, contacting voters saying come to the polls fix your ballots, but only in Democrat counties. It is a fundamental, equal protection argument that were making here Republicans deserved the same advantage that Democrats had and the Secretary of State was behind it, and let me just add this one: wrinkle 838 p dot m the night before the election. She sends an e mail. Her counsel does to all sixty seven counties by the way allow people to fix their ballots. 838 p dot m on election night when, in the Democrat counties they have been doing this all along will really quickly how many ballots would that include that you are then challenging under that accusation. Tens of thousands, because in the counts as well, the legislature said you
must have a signature and address and a date, and they were counting ballots without a signature address and a date in Democrat counties. So it would amount to tens of thousands of ballots that be affected by both systems. Pete, very interesting, Kayleigh, real, quick, the President said he might stop by the million Maga March today. Will he be there? I certainly hope so he said he might well see what happens, but there are a lot of great patriot s that are descending on the capitol that have their voice heard and he really would like to join them. So im really hoping so PETE all right well see.
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