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Meadows: Rioters trying to instill fear into everyday Americans' lives

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Trump describes riots as acts of 'domestic terror'; White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows weighs in.
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Kenosha has been ravaged by Kenosha, has been ravaged by Anti police and anti american riots. Violent mobs destroyed twenty five businesses and threw bricks at police officers, which your police officers wont stand for, and they didnt stand for it. These are not acts of peaceful protests, but really domestic terror. Jedediah acts of domestic terror, strong statement from the president. There we are going to bring in mark meadows, White House chief of staff to comment on that mark well to the show. As always. So do you agree with the presidents characterization of rioters as domestic terrorists? Well, without a doubt, you know what a terrorist does is: try to instill fear go and YO dont have to go any further than perhaps even the roads outside the White House here, where we have a number of these rioters, trying to instill fear just in every day, Americans lives. So whether you see it here or as the president was talking about
in Kenosha Wisconsin, this is a president that has been very clear. Is he going to do two things make sure our communities are safe and that we have a secure future? And so he is addressing both of those, as he did yesterday with the folks in Wisconsin. Listen, the reception was unbelievable, its amazing when you stand up for safer communities and support law and order and, more importantly, our law enforcement officers, how people of all parties come together to in a united way to actually applaud that Brian all right lets talk about coming together. You spoke to Nancy Pelosi. Yesterday, some type of next rescue package. Can you tell us where you are at negotiation wise? We know three point: four trillion. You are one plus trillion. She said she was going to cut a trillion off. Her requests whats the latest. Well, she still wants to spend half of the money on bailing out state and local governments.
Instead of sending the money to people, she wants to send almost one dollar trillion to poorly run democrat cities across the country Brian Mark. Could I ask you something: would you actually give money to them and say hey? This is the earmark you have to spend it only on this and not on pension plans or on can you do that? We have proposed that, and actually we have given money for that over three hundred dollars billion exactly for that to help state and local governments to make sure they meet the needs of the american people. The president has been very clear on that and yet its been the president who continues to reach out over and over and over again- and we agree on a lot of things- lets go ahead and get a stimulus check into the hands of the american people. Lets do enhanced unemployment lets make sure that we have money for education and k through twelve and lets make sure that we have money for small businesses. We agree on all of that, so lets go ahead and put a bill on the floor.
Actually, the Senate Republicans are going to do that next week, but Nancy Pelosi continues to make sure that she stands in the way of not just Republicans and main street Americans, but even a lot of her democrat members are asking her to come back to the table and negotiate in a meaningful way which she is not Steve. Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house, your former colleague across the aisle- she is in the news, because Fox NEWS got some video of her on Monday afternoon in San Francisco thats her in the smock, and she got her hair done at the e salon. Even though indoor personal care is banned in San Francisco since March and there she is not wearing a mask, the owner said of it was a slap in the face that she went in. You know she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done, while no one else can go in and I cant work. We are supposed to look up to this woman right.
It is just disturbing and her spokesperson said she always wears a mask and follows the rules, and yet, Mr Meadows, it appears she did not well listen. This is typical Washington D, dot c they get on national tv, they preach to the american people that it should be one way and yet in private, when the cameras are not rolling- and in this case I guess the cameras were rolling. It shows a very different story. Its the same thing, whether its in San Francisco, with her going into a salon or in the privacy of a negotiating room, its time that she get serious about helping the american people, the president has been willing to do it. In fact, the president is the only one in Washington D, DOT c thats acted in the last four weeks. We invite her back to the table to hopefully help the american people Steve. Who is cutting your hair, Mr Meadows laughter? Well, can I tell you its a gal by the name of Kate, a shoutout to her and all the
folks over there? She is not only a great patriot, Steve over where a great American from South Korea Steve. Where is the salon the barbershop? Well now we will have all types of protesters come to my salon. We will pass on that Steve, okay, Jedediah all right mark. Another topic we have been covering this morning. A d dot c committee has made recommendations to either remove, relocate or contextualize a lot of monuments, statues, some of them on the list: Columbus Fountain, Benjamin Franklin Statue, Andrew Jackson, Statue, Jefferson, Memorial, the Washington Memorial is on there George Washington statue. The list seems to be expanding day to day this started as a conversation about confederate monuments and has pled over. So what do you make of this whole new movement to either remove these monuments or to contextualize them? Well, listen. This is the least serious thing that you have ever seen come out of Washington, D, dot c and also its the least considered recommendation that
you will ever see why dont we talk about removing the protesters from Washington, D, dot c and sending them back to wherever they came from or sending them better yet to jail. If we are going to talk about removing things, lets get serious about what Americans think of many Americans come to Washington D, DOT c, to see the Washington Monument and what are we going to do? Put it in Portland I mean come on. This is not a serious recommendation and something that they shouldnt have even wasted a minutes of time with Brian Mark. I know you were in Congress in North Carolina thats your home during that time, when you were in congress- and I know the president is going to be visiting the battle ship today in Wilmington. I also know there was a time in which the President left the White House to go to Walter Reed, and now there is a book out that says he had a series of mini, strokes and CNN rolling out footage of him dragging one of his legs as he was walking. Did the president have a series of mini strokes? Not at all I mean the president- and I were
laughing about this yesterday when you see the kind of news that comes out whether its in this book or anything else, his doctor actually put out a statement, but when you look at the creative ways that the left tries to go after this particular president, they will stop at nothing, including mini strokes. Can I tell you, not only, is he healthy, but he works me off of my feet. In fact, im going to have to go back in to make sure can I keep up with him Steve Mark Meadows, north lawn on the White House, with a sharp hair cut.
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