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Media blasts Trump's RNC speech as 'dark' and 'stressful'

2020-08-28 | 🔗
Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill, reacts to contrast of coverage for Biden's and Trump's speeches.
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President Trump sat Toring Norm, President Trump sat Toring norm standards, perhaps even laws by holding such an event filled with harsh attack glls. It was so dark and stressful that there is no hope in that message: darkness articulating what he is against more than what he is for. He didnt paint a clear picture of his second agenda. Fidel Castro, Julia Caesar Sake, Co. That was not an american president, giving an acceptance speech that was a monarch. This would be the end of America. If this is what we are going to be, this wont be a democracy thats, a monarchy. It was repugnant, sorry, Brian. I think she could have written that before he spoke meanwhile harsh words for President trumps Rnc address from many in the media. How does that coverage compare to when Joe Biden took center stage last week, Steve lets bring in our our old buddy from the hill, Joe
Concha, from my hometown, Joe, how are happy Friday Steve indeed what a scary Y vision those analysts had watching Donald Trump when you listen to the media in general. Talking about Joe Bidens speech the week before. Quite a contrast. Watch this, it was all hopeful, upbeat optimistic. It was deeply optimistic speech hopeful. It embraced the light who spoke against the darkness so hopeful its so so positive. I think it was important for him tonight to make people feel that hope. It was ultimately a message of unity to the country, Steve, okay, so thats their opinion, explain what we just witnessed. Okay, I know you guys probably saved the tapes on this show. So before the Rnc began. I joined Fox AMP friends and I said that dark was going to be the word. They
would use the most during this week and sure enough not that that was such a bold prediction, dark or darkness won by Secretary Trit Proportions, describing not only the presidents speech but speeches throughout the week. You compare that to Joe Biden Van Jones gave away the whole game last week. I like Van Jones, you can agree or disagree with his opinion. At least. Is he honest with predictions? He said we were prepared for it being a terrible speech, speaking about Biden as long as he didnt embarrass himself. We were going to come out here and praise it, in other words, its a predetermined analysis that was given with Biden. It was with Trump as well, but this Rnc guys walls very effective in terms of we heard from very few politicians. Instead, we heard from regular people telling their inspiring stories while supporting the president and the Rnc production had an energy and a pop to it, whether its the vice President Fort Mchenry, just yesterday or the president at the South lawn last
night in front of live audiences outside it certainly resonated and you compare that to the Dnc Hillary Clinton joined from her living room in New York. Michelle Obama joined from her living room in March thats vineyard, Joe Biden, the nominee couldnt even leave Delaware to go to Wisconsin because apparent liver going to Wisconsin. If you are a democratic candidate, isnt a thing anymore, Steve Parking Lot, he joined as well from Delaware. So comparing it to the zoom meetings that we saw last week, im telling you the Biden campaign saw no bounce in their polling after their convention. I have never seen that before. Usually you get five six points points zero points for Biden. We have lived a full decade now in eight months, when you think about it. The president was impeached this year. Do you remember that a pandemic that shut down the economy, the country, a deadly pandemic, and we see chaos in our streets and the fact that the Biden campaign in battle ground states is essentially tied in the real, clear politics index of polls? Im, not cherry picking, one poll im going by eight the fact that these two campaigns are tied, given everything we have seen this
year must be disturbing for the Biden campaign at this point guys Ainsley all right Joe. Thank you so much for joining us all right. Thank you have a good one. Ainsley you are welcome. Do I have to say goodbye, because I do have one quick story to tell oops sorry: are we still here Steve? You got it tell us now. My car was stolen out of my driveway, not far from where Steve lives it was recovered. In Newark, New Jersey, I have to see what recovered looks like. Apparently, the car was crashed. Thats. My Friday hope you guys have a good one as well, because this should be interesting, Ainsley whats, going on so many people have had their car stolen. Two of my friends too, you are my third friend the whole thing of not having a could. I put you can very easily leave it in the car when you are getting dogs out and groceries out now, apparently there is this technology thieves from the bottom of the driveway, see if you have your keys left in your car or not. I just admitted on national television before millions of people that I left my keys in my car. You know what
this is. Apparently, a thing: nine cars were stolen in my neighborhood, which is quite remarkable. Quite frankly, not the only I had out enough about me got to go.
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