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Media dishonesty and hypocrisy worse than ever heading into 2020 election?

2020-08-10 | 🔗
Media reporter for The Hill Joe Concha reacts to criticism of Trump's executive orders on COVID-19 relief and a report claiming the White House asked for his face to be added to Mount Rushmore.
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Steve well, a the Washington Steve. Well, a the Washington Post reporter is under fire for tweeting, about executive orders under President Trump and President Obama, Colby Itcowicz tweeted lets pond dered the Motsd most played out question of the last four years. Could you imagine if Obama it broke up a stalemate by signing an executive order and saying it was so after the president signed an executive order on Friday? How funny is this? This is hilarious, media reporter for the hill, Joe Concha Joe. I remember when Barack Obama was president and he was talking about how he couldnt get Congress to help him. He said: look I got a pen and I got a phone and thats how we wound up with and thats how we wound. Up with the dreamers President Obama signed two hundred and seventy six executive orders. President Bush George W Bush
signed two hundred and ninety one Donald Trump has signed one hundred and eighty. These are things. Presidents do particularly in a time when things are polarized and Congress isnt doing at least what the president deems is the right thing at that time. So to have a reporter at one of the top newspapers in the world either have I dont know willingly deceitful type of tweet that she put out there or he or have patent poor memory loss like this. Only something brought on by Tds, which is Trump Derangementderangesyndrome if Yo Psychiatrist, Steve. Indeed another media outlet, the New York Times, had this big exclusive that apparently Donald Trump who this that event out in South Dakota under Mount Rushmore. He actually wanted to figure out whether or not they could put his face up on the mountain Heres, the quote from the times and last year a White House aide reached out to the governors office with a question. According to a
republican official familiar with the conversation whats the process to add additional presidents to Mount Rushmore, the president then tweeted Joe never suggested it. Although based on the many things accomplished during the first three and a half years, perhaps more than any other presidency sounds like a good idea to me, you got to wonder where that story came from via at New York Times. I mean, where does that stuff happen right? Well, its through anonymous sources, right and thats, something the anonymous source neems to know everything love to meet this guy or gal feed negative things about the president to the press? The president also, he may have said this right and it may have been joking. He does have the sense of humor. He does love to troll the press. We have seen that people put out on twitter shows him being president, not just in two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty four or two thousand and fifty two. He has actually tweeted this out
its all trolling, no way a first term president would ever suggest he should be put on Mount Rushmore in any serious capacity. Couple polls that came out that relate to both these stories came out from Gallup and the Knight Foundation nonpartisan. Fifty four percent of Americans, okay majority, believe that reporters misrepresent the facts, Gallup also finds in the same poll. Eighty four percent of Americans say media is to blame for the: U Dot S political divide, eighty six percent believe there is bias in the media. So when you hear about oh, there is no bias against this president, its just reporters pursuing facts. These polls are disturbing to have those sort of numbers that high er with at one point. Let me just read this to you real quick. Most Americans have lost confidence in the media to deliver news chief program officer. This is corrosive for our democracy. He is, he says, thats all you have to say about this.
This is dangerous times in terms of people, just not knowing where to get the truth anymore, Steve Steve, and that is so accurate on its nose right there, Joe, because when I went to journalism school reporters just gave facts things that they knew for sure, but today its hard to tell which in Somebodys report, which part is the fact and which part is the reporters opinion and thats the thing and thats. The thing opinion is the civil that gets s you viral. That brings attention to them. That used to be the cardinal rule. Dont make yourself the story. They love to be the story its not about Emmys its can I get on Jimmy Kimmel, never see them more happy about themselves than going on shows like that. The opinion aspect has taken
over this business over facts got to go, got yen yoga today at the local park. This is something that really should do wonders not just for my physical specimen, but also my physical specimen, but also for my mental you Aqueue at Acui Steve as your local park. They are still picking up chainsaws.
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