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Media ignores Biden whistleblower but praised Vindman during Trump impeachment: Joey Jones

2020-10-29 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Joey Jones reacts to media coverage of Hunter Biden's ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski compared to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in the Trump impeachment hearings.
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Stay safe, Steve, Steve, thank you. Brian Hunter Bidens, former business Associate Navy vet Tony Bobulinski that man right there made some explosive claims about Joe Bidens involvement in Hunter Bidens business dealings during an interview with Tucker Carlson. The media has largely ignored the story that wasnt the case a year ago, when the media praised Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman for speaking out against President Trump. During the impeachment hearings. Remember this there was dramatic testimony in the House impeachment investigation by a decorated war hero bombshell, testimony on Capitol Hill. This is a very, very important moment. This was a person that was there. Vindmans character may be unparalleled so far. In this whole inquiry, the colonel today described himself as a patriot. Everyone was moved by Lieutenant Colonel Vindication, Mans close invoking his father and invoking that we do right here, Steve here with reaction, Fox NEWS, contributor and marine
corps. Vet Joey Jones Joey Good Morning to you good morning, Steve so try to explain the different approaches by the media to these two different men who both proudly served our nation. Absolutely and first let me say I dont know what Lieutenant Colonel Vindmans motivations were and thats, not what this is about. Thats, not what Tony Bobulinskis intentions are take, this unidentifying characteristic of military service or, more importantly, honorable military service a few years later. At the same time, its somehow is the only reason why you should or shouldnt believe someone and then when that person is a military officer, is now on the dinner side of a partisan issue. All of a sudden, you are attacking this person as russian disinformation, and what it shows is that the same party, whose political ideology allowed them to spit on troops that were drafted into Vietnam, are now giving some sort of self righteous reverence for someone because they happen to support their partisan attack,
and then they are completely silent or even worse, attacking this lieutenant from the Navy, who seems to have some pretty obvious motivations, and we should at least listen to and find out. If this is true or not Steve, you know and thats such a good point. You would think that journalists and reporters would have a curiosity about well. You know what lets look into that story, because, if thats true, that would be a blockbuster, but from what we can tell it seems like only a very few number of news outlets are actually looking into it. I think thats, the problem Villageman got an entire hearing nationally, tell twice sides you had in the middle of impeachment over every word out of his mouth. We were supposed to believe it because he said it in uniform. I dont care if its Tammy, Duckworth or late John Mccain or Brian Mast, who has the same injuries as me, the partisan side of it. They are a politician today, take them for what theyre
dont, let them hide behind their war injuries. I would never do that. No one I just put in front of you would ever do that and then to say. For some reason, Tony Bobulinski is a russian disinformation person, like maybe you know, respect his service just a little bit and hear what he has to say and check it out. Listen, the Washington, Post and New York Times: okay, theyre not going to touch it, but Adam Schiff, or someone in Congress. Shouldnt be calling this man, you know a treasonous person without even so much as opening the laptop and seeing for themselves. What I find abhorrent about. This is the way they are trying to use my brothers and sisters military service in their favor one day and against them. The next John Kelly is a good example of this. He was the devil incarnate when he worked for the president. Now he is Jesus Christ, the Savior, because he doesnt, like the president, you cant act that way about our service. We serve honorably. Take us for that. Once we stop into politics, hey, we are politicians and you can have it one way or the
other, not both Steve. I wouldnt be surprised if the press looks into Tony bobulinski and has big reports on him on November. The fourth im sure it will happen. It will probably be a character attack, yeah, Steve so far, thats pretty much all we have heard from the limited number of people who have been chiming in on it.
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