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Media's 'routine snark and elitism' is why they lost trust: Candace Owens

2020-11-04 | 🔗
Blexit founder Candace Owens, on 'Fox & Friends,' explains media distrust and why pollsters failed to predict 2020 election.
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I just cannot get over my I just cannot get over my total surprise at the disconnect between what we are watching on the screen and what has been confidently predicted across the media landscape for months that there was a very good chance of a blue wave of a total Biden blow out on a early night. The media got it really wrong. We have a huge problem in our business from being cut off from the country we cover. I really sincerely hope we fix it, because we are moving toward zero credibility and thats bad Brian. Not him. Tucker is not cut off from the people he covers, and neither are we hes explaining the disconnect between the medias prediction for a blue wave as to reality, as the country awaits. The outcome of the presidential election here to react. Is author of blackout, Candace Owens, I dont know if you saw it the Senate, it looks like in Georgia. Perdue is probably going to prevail without a runup Tillis up three Susan Collins, one
Joni Ernst didnt win a one poll and winning victory and securing upset in the Senate in Michigan, as well as Danes, holding on to a seat in Montana. He was supposed to lose as Frank Luntz said, the political profession of polls is done, its devastating for our industry. We are finished. What are they missing about America? What they are missing about America and honestly, its a combination, I would say, between the media and the polls. They have become hyper judgmental of Americans every night if they support the president. They are a racist if they support the president. They are whited supremacist if they are a black conservative. Like me, race, traitor, there is no inclination when you give us a phone call. Oh yes, actually im one of those people im one of the people supporting the president, so you have lost the trust of the american people because have you become judging of the american people and become extremely judgmental thats exactly whats happening? There is no honest relationship, no more between the american
people and the media. The media continue and continually lies about the american people about why it is that so many Americans have gotten behind Trump why he won. This amazing upset victory in twenty sixteen it wasnt because of widespread racism. You know that I know that it was because people feel like they were being forgotten and we see that routine. Is that correct and elitism? That seems through the media and then, of course, seeps through the polls. There is no inclination for people to tell the truth to people anymore. Brian also shows Americans cant be bought, one hundred and nine dollars million Senator Lindsey. Graham, you are wrong for South Carolina big rebuke, Senator Cornyn. You should be out twenty four million to beat Senator Cornyn. He wins by six and the same thing with Mitch Mcconnell. Finally, you did predict that there would be a big african american vote for President Trump. So far, it looks well under fifteen percent. What happened? Well, I actually havent seen those exit polls from what I saw last night. It seemed like black Americans and the Hispanic Americans came out in support of Donald Trump, so im not sure what numbers you
are looking at, but we had a great night last night. It was very celebratory and I saw a lot of the critics on the left upset and calling black men chauvinist for showing up increased his presence for black Americans and for hispanic Americans by at LO. I think we have done very well.
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