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MI Supreme Court strikes down Gov. Whitmer's COVID orders

2020-10-05 | 🔗
Dr. Randal Baker, plaintiff in the lawsuit against Gov. Whitmer, tells 'Fox & Friends' that 'this is a great day for the people of Michigan,' adding 'draconian lockdowns' must be stopped.
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Republican volt undermine that effort, and I remain very concern. Ainsley here with me. Now is Dr Randal: Baker, surgeon at Grand Health partners, one of the plaintiffs and Patrick Wright, attorney and director of Legal foundation, which brought the lawsuit against Governor Whitmer. Thank you both of you for being with us. Thank you, Ainsley, Dr Baker. How are you feeling and why this lawsuit doctor great? We are ecstatic. This is great day for people of Michigan. We were told that we couldnt help patients and do not preventive care and only emergency care, and as a result of that, a lot of people got hurt and what the governor said is just plain, not true. First of all, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that what she did was illegal. The second decision that the Supreme Court made was the four to three decision, but what frustrates me is I wish the governor would
roll up the sleeves and start to working with the legislature instead of bath mouthing Supreme court. This is not the time for this. We need to help patients and we need to stop the draconian lockdowns Ainsley Patrick, what made it illegal? Declaring emergency after April 30th in Michigan weve had an opportunity where the governor and the legislature have enacted important legislation related to Covid, and we are hopeful that now that the Supreme Court says that they have to work together that the governor and the legislature will help us fight this important battle against Covid Ainsley, Dr Baker. What happens now doctor? Well, what I hope happens is that the legislature and the governor will get together and start to work together on how to do this. This is not a decision between the safety of Covid care and Noncovid care and harm the ability is, we can do covid care and noncovid care. At the
same time, we can do this. Science involves measurement and adjusting based on the results, not just doubling down on the original hypothesis and when this first started we didnt know, but very quickly. We started to realize that the lockdowns were having unintended consequences. You had to then shift and had to go. Adjust. Good intentions must ultimately be evaluated by results and consequences. Ainsley. Thank you. So much for joining us.
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