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Michigan Senate candidate responds to claims he's controlled by Trump

2020-09-02 | 🔗
Senate candidate John James speaks out on 'Fox & Friends.'
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About it, join us, live from Americas NEWS Room top of the hour; listen up, youre, not running against President Trump or Betsy Devos youre running against me, and this may surprise you, but no one owns me Steve there. You go Michigan Senate republican candidate, John James firing back at h, democratic opponent, Gary Peters, after Mr Peters claimed James cant, stand up to President Trump or Education Secretary, Betsy, Devos and John James joins us right now from Detroit John Good Morning to you good morning, thanks for having me back on Steve, okay, so, Mr Peters, the senator is accusing you of being controlled by the Devos family and supporting Betsy Devos, two thousand and seventeen education funding plan, but hes talking about stuff that you might have felt before you ever ran for office. Well, this is the thing I was able to stand up against terrorists. I can certainly stand
up against anything that the politicians throw at me these days, ive actually been shot at and these lies are going to bounce off, because the american people and people in the state of Michigan know the truth. The fact is, the polls have been closing Rcp just rated this as a tossup. People of the state of Michigan are excited for change, because Senator Peters is running on a record of failure and lies. I not only threaten this seat. Democrats are terrified, putting four ads up against me in the past week, because I not only threaten this seat but their entire narrative to in sin. You ate that I cant think for myself or stand up for myself when the Democrats have a presidential nominee who says blacks, dont have diversity of thought, I think is unconscionable and Senator Peter s still. Hasnt spoke spoken for that Steve. We did invite Senator Peters to appear on the show, and we have not heard back no surprise Steve, just to be clear, John, go ahead and tell the folks watching now. What is your plan on education? Well, im extremely
passionate about education. I believe that education is the reason other than the good Lord, that my father was able to come from the streets of Mississippi and go from poverty to prosperity in one generation. I believe that education is a basic civil right in this nation and I believe there should be no wrong path for our children to have brighter futures im going to be working with anyone and everyone to make sure that our children have better futures to make sure that adults can earn and learn and achieve greatness building on essential life skills literacy, because we need to be able to make sure that everybody, regardless of zip code, has the opportunity for success. Steve. You know speaking of success. It looks as if Joe Biden, who had a substantial lead a month or two ago it looks like its getting closer and closer right. Now, according to real clear politics, Biden is up by two point: six, which is not that much well. I dont necessarily focus on polls as much as I focus on the people and when I
go around the state of Michigan, both from Rural America, thats been forgotten and Urban America thats been neglected. People are looking at Gary Peters and looking at the fact that hes been in office for thirty years, hes been in Washington for ten hes, been in the Senate for six and hes talking about delivering on promises that hes failed, hes, literally running on failure. Hes the cant open his mouth without talking about being ranking member on homeland security. Yet we were unprepared for this pandemic and he said we need to fix the postal service four years ago and were still looking at some of these issues. Senator Peters has a lot of accounting to do to the people of the state of Michigan and im excited to be able to bring new and exciting leadership, Steve well its nice to have.
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