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Michigan teacher says he was fired for pro-Trump tweets

2020-07-23 | 🔗
Former Walled Lake Western High School teacher Justin Kucera tells his story and defends his tweets on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Ainsley, a Michigan High School Ainsley, a Michigan High school teacher out of a job after tweeting in support of president Trump earlier this month, social studies, teacher and baseball coach at this high school Justin Kuera, im tired of being silent. Donald Trump is our President dont at me. He was told he either could resign or be fired a former teacher at Wild Lake Western High School and he joins us. Now. Am I pro nowptioning your last name right, Justin? Yes, thanks for having me Ainsley, you are welcome. So what happened? Tell us the story. I sent out a tweet, a couple tweets on. It was Monday, the sixth, in support of President Trump one was a retweet of President Trump saying that school should open in the fall followed by the tweet that you just read as well as a comment and a reply to one of my followers who had said a comment that kind of sucks how liberals try to divide us, and I commented back-
I was questioned about those three tweets in a zoom meeting with district administrators where they, let me kind of explain my reasoning behind them, and I just you know I said I had think schools we need to open and I think we need to support our president and thats what the tweets were about a couple days later. They followed up with another meeting and thats where they gave me the choice to resign, where I told them no and the option was to be terminated. Ainsley the school district sent this statement to us. No disciplinary action was taken as a result of any support of president Trump, and we are unable to comment on specific staff discipline personnel matters. So if you werent fired because you support the president and because you are conservative, why were you fired so I think they are going with the anticipated reaction from students and parents. So if you see all the comments that my tweet got, it got a lot of positive comments and got some negative comments as well.
I think the school district officials were using that, as you know, complaints that students might not be in my class that it would impede the operation of the school Ainsley. Looking back, do you regret it? Not at all I apologize to the school district for the negative attention it brought them buff. Not for what I said. Nothing in the tweets are inappropriate. I wanted to union fight and meant to be a unifying tweet to support the president, regardless of if you agree with him or not, we should be supporting Ainsley. You said other teachers have posted negative comments about the president. Is that a double standard if they are not fired it has to be? I dont know what else you would call it. What I did is no different than what other teachers do on social media. The only difference was mine was in support of president Trump and theirs are not Ainsley wish you all the best, its all nice to see a young man in the classroom influencing our
kids and my mom is a teacher, and so is my sister. God bless you. I know how hard you work for.
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