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Mike Huckabee: Big Tech CEOs were 'ill-prepared' for testimony amid censorship allegations

2020-10-29 | 🔗
Former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee says the CEOS of Facebook and Twitter 'were caught with their hands in the cookie jar' when they struggled to name a single liberal who has been censored on their platforms.
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Bine Brian, that appointment, snuck up on him and he couldnt clean himself for the big event lets bring in g dot, OP presidential candidate and author of the three CS, that made America great Christianity, constitution, big tech firms and other outlets just refuse to cover certain stories revolving around certain clauses and President Trump specifically waiting, analyzing and venting its not changing anything. They are still preventing a fair and balanced. Look at whats going on with both these candidates. Dont worry about it will Brian Adam Schiff is going to be holding companies. Tech companies ones meddle in the election. Look for hearings to start thats, breaking news. You have it here, first and of course, thats not true, because they are never going to look into this. I thought it was amazing that these guys came yesterday so ill prepared,
Brian. I know what would have been an obvious question: they stood there flat fooded caught with their hands in the cookie jars and couldnt come up with a single because one there arent any names on the second that have been censored like that, Steve, the President, one hundred and sixty five times and Joe Biden has been censored, zero times, but im sure thats a coincidence, zero Steve. We are five days out until the elections, your prediction, sir. I still think President Trump is going to be reelected and I read the polls. I see it, but I also look at whats happening in the enthusiasm and I see that there are many more people now having to ask themselves. Is Joe Biden Fit to be president and this scandal that we now have more and more details about? That is not just conjecture that has to put doubt in peoples minds as to not only his fitness but his characterization, the one thing that he said he is running on
and the President halls had results. This is a president who has delivered for us. I cant imagine street dont, like his personality, ignore the things that have been done under his leadership, both foreign and domestic, its very significant restructuring, a foreign policy that has been amazing and its effective iness. You Kamala is going to be with Bernie Today Progressive, even though he didnt stand for that when he ran.
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