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Mike Huckabee: Judge Trump, Biden by their actions on law and order, not their words

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee explains on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Look the best thing he did look. The best thing he did for New York City was leave good riddance. Let him go to Florida, be careful not to get Covid, be careful not to get Covid Covid ambushed New York due to trumps negligence hes the cause of Covid to New York changes residence to go to Florida. He cant come back to New York. Hes going the walk in New York. Forget body guard. He better have an army if he thinks hes going the walk, the streets of New York, no new Yorkers dont want anything to do with him, and he knows him Brian threat. There Steve Cuomo, tore into the president of the United States, because the president suggested through the administration that they may try to figure out how to defund certain cities that
are anarchist jurisdictions, places where theres such lawlessness on the streets lets bring in MIKE Huckabee Fox NEWS contributor, former presidential candidate author of book 3cs that made America great Christianity, capitalism and the constitution governor good morning to you good Morning, Steve that was the governor last night. All right we will get in the way back machine governor here is the same guy. Talking about the same president, who, six months ago, he really kind of liked watch kudos where kudos are due, and here the vice president and the president responded very quickly. So I want to thank them for that. He has been good in delivering for New York. He has he has. He has delivered for New York. He is ready, willing and able to help.
Do I have faith in the president? Look what the federal government did working with states, as I just said, was a phenomenal accomplishment. The federal government stepped up and was a great partner and im the first one to say it. We needed help and they were there Steve so Governor Chuck key. Can you explain those two people in the same body theres a word for it Steve its called hypocrisy? This is a governor Cuomo when he gets what he wants: hes loving on Trump and then its election time. He has to play the role of bad guy and trashing, the very president that he praised and reached out and helped New York. He would need an army to walk through New York. The truth is, he has an army hes president. You know what Cuomo doesnt care about innocent elderly and single moms walking the streets
of New York. They need an army to walk the streets of New York and they dont have one. Why doesnt he protect them. Thats the real story and all those talk about Trump leaving Trump aint, the only one leaving New York thousands are leaving New York as quick as they can get out of there. The best business in New York right now is the? U haul business get the heck out of there because nobody wants to live there anymore, and the people that are left are the ones who cant leave Brian by the way, if you ask Nypd, if who they want to guard the governor or the president, I think they already answered. Meanwhile, lets talk about your op ed for a second, you write this judge Trump and Biden by actions on law and order and not their words. What do you mean? Let me give you an example: TIM Scott put serious proposal on police reform that should have been embraced by both parties because they were supposed to be solving an issue
and what the Dems said we want amendments, he said put them all on there as many as you want, and they instead of taking the answer. Yes, they didnt just take a knee. They took a hike, so they are not serious about this and thats. What im saying if they were serious about reform and law and order theyve had an opportunity to come to the table and instead theyve taken to the streets, theyve, burned and looted, and they have been silent about that for months, and only when the polls started, reflecting that people are sick and fed up with it, they started saying looting and rioting. They are not a really good thing for America, but it took months to come to that conclusion. Emily governor wed love to hear about your new book thats out now the 3cs that made America great. What can you tell us about it today? There are underpinnings of the United States and made our country great. First, judeo christian understanding that we are individuals
we are not who we are, because we are part of a collective system and we are who we are because individually, God made us, and God lost us, and God has a purpose for us and thats an important message that this country was founded on the idea of individualism that im not stuck where I was started. If I was, I would be catching chickens in hope, Arkansas renting, where I started im, not something about the individual freedom that this country was built on. Capitalism is the idea that I can actually own property. I can pick my own job. I dont have to be. You know a candle maker, because my father was like Benjamin Franklins Father was and thats why he loved the country and then the constitution Amazing document, a document, unlike any other, that created a federal government and the primary thing of the constitution is surprising to many people who never studied it, and that is this. The constitution doesnt tell the people; no, it tells the government no,
it empowers people and restrains and restricts the government. That is a unique kind of policy and document for a government to live under and we are blessed to be in the United States, and I talk about why Brian and all three are in jeopardy or maybe on the ballot November. Third Steve its available now.
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