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Mike Huckabee on early voting, impact of 'secret Trump voters'

2020-10-21 | 🔗
The former Arkansas governor talks the latest developments in the 2020 presidential race, one day before the final debate.
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You can hear how big the you can hear how big the crowd are all over the country makes you feel good all over the country, the biggest crowds anyone has ever had bigger than what we had four years ago, bigger Ainsley lets bring in MIKE Huckabee Fox NEWS, Clinter, former g dot, op candidate and author of the new book. The three cs that made America great christianchristianitycapitalism good morning good to be on certainly has the enthusiasm going on right now, its effort by his rallies Ainsley. He had one yesterday, two the other day in Arizona so yeah. He is all over the map one today. So we want to talk to you about the secret voter, the person who doesnt want to admit that they are voting for President Trump. We saw n two thousand and sixteen recent poll that says almost seventy percent of Trump supporters dont want to put a sign in front of their yard or in front of their house, and almost forty percent of Biden supporters say they will not do this and the reason is because
they fear vandalism. What do you think about that? Is the secret voter? Are we forgetting about them? The sad thing is that we have secret voters. We are an open society. We ought to be able to take a political stand and not fear that somebody is going to throw something at our home or set fire to our car or violently attack us when we are picking up our paper out of the yard. This is sad. I dont care what your politics are. We ought to have respect for people who have a different point of view and you know not tear down their signs and not curse them, not put notes on their door saying we have now marked your house as somebody who is supporting Trump and when he loses we are going to come after you. These are crazy things that are not done in a free society. But yes, I do think there are people who dont want to take a stand. They dont want their neighbors to know. I think there are a lot of people who will even tell their friends oh im, going to vote for Biden, thats a safe way to go in certain circles when it gets down to it.
They recognize their choice is not Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Their choice is between mob rule law and order. Their choice is higher taxes, lower taxes. They have got real choices in foreign policy, energy costs its going to effect them in every way they live thats. What I think they are going to be voting on in two weeks. Brian one thing I know for sure: if you actually order a Trumpy bear, you are most likely going to vote for Donald Trump. According to a study, I did. I also found out your daughter is leaning toward the president, but were looking for a second source. Thirty, six million people voted already Governor Huckabee people think automatically thats good for Democrats. I think its good for America. What about you? I think it is too extraordinary interest when people are linining up to vote. I means they really care. They dont drive by and say long line. Forget it b. It they get that line and wait an hour and a half and vote in these final days. What the
president has to do is forget about Hunter Biden. Forget about all the distractions of everything, except one thing remind the american people that it is their lives that really on the mark right now, its Brian Hunter Biden. Is that a mistake yeah? It is a mistake, because the average person doesnt understand it its too complicated and, frankly, it doesnt matter to them. They care about their healthcare costs. They care about their taxes. They care about safety in their neighborhood on their block in their yard, focus on that he wins the election by a landslide. Steve, of course got to get to you from the debate tomorrow night. I know he feels like he is the underdog because he feels the deck is stacked against him. The commission imposed these rules with the mic and stuff like that. The mute button, one of the members of the Debate- Commission, John Dan forth: U Dot S senator from the great state of
Missouri for a very long time. He has apparently had it up to here and decided he was going to break his silence and he wrote an op ed in the the Washington Post and, among other things, it says. Trump attacks on the debate. Commission itself is an attack on the election itself. Okay, sorry thats the headline he says, I maintained a strict vow of silence regarding my personal feelings, about the current presidential campaign. Now, however, that President Trump and some of his ardent supporters have attacked the commissions integrity, I feel compelled to respondent. He goes on to say. The presidents apparent strategy is to challenge the validity of the election. Should he lose. The president supporters conduct the town hall debate with candidates in remote locations was made to favor Joe Biden. This is nonsense according to Senator Dan forth. What do you say? Governor Huckabee, Senator Dan forth is a fine man, but the fact that he felt that he had to go public and
criticize the criticism tells you everything you need to know. They are very defensive. Why? Because they know deep down, they have been caught tilting the scale. This is not a fair process. I think its time to get rid of the debate. Commission if we are going to have a mute button, mute the moderator, dont have one put, two candidates opt stage and two clocks. Each candidate gets exactly the same amount of time when they finished using up their clock its over for them. Then you mute the microphone in the meantime. They get to talk. They come up with the Tom Picks, not some moderator. Who is a moderator to decide what they talk about wife. Do they get to make the decisions? Let the candidates put their platforms out there and debate each other, not debate the moderator. This is out of hand. I think the this is out of hand the President Hasas to go there and focus hard and showcase his views tomorrow night, and I hope he does it Steve governor. According to your clock, your time is up.
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