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Mike Huckabee on impact of Trump’s diagnosis on 2020 campaign

2020-10-04 | 🔗
Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee joins 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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President Trump ill be back, I President Trump ill be back, I think ill be back soon and I look forward to finishing up the campaign. The way it was started and the way weve been doing and the kind of numbers that weve been doing weve been so proud of it. But this was something that happened and its happened to millions of people all over the world and im fighting for them, not just in the: U Dot S, im fighting for them all over the world, Jedediah thats a video released by President Trump on Twitter. He has made an effort to speak directly to people throughout his illness. Right now were in just a few days in, but I suspect he will continue to do so as long as he can, hopefully straight to the end straight to his recovery were going to bring in MIKE Huckabee right now Fox NEWS, contributor and former Arkansas governor and the author of the three cs that made America great another great book governor, welcome to the show, as always so, first and foremost your thoughts on the president, putting those videos out speaking directly to the people at this time. What do you think?
Well, I think it was a great move on his part. It. Let us all see that hes fine, when I say hes, fine, im, not saying hes, not dealing with some effects of covid but hes, not laying in a bed with iv tubes and unable to talk. This is Donald Trump, as we know it id hate to be his doctors. I mean this is a guy that you know is trying to contain. Him is like trying to contain a bull with tight string. He does not sub due very well. He is energetic to the point that its stunning, you know, people who are a fourth of his age, cant keep up with him. So Donald Trump at twenty five percent capacity is still a lot more energetic than most people are at one hundred percent and were seeing that in these videos, a man who is busy at work doing what the doctors are telling him to do, but I dont think youre going to keep him contained at Walter Reed, all that long, PETE yeah, I cant, imagine being one of his doctors governor. Can you imagine being one of your
kids like no chance of success at all its amazing laughter, PETE, the President looks forward, obviously Sarah and others remarkably successful. When you look at the campaign trail going forward. How does it look? You know, theyve announced this operation where they push out surrogates through virtual events. What would your advice be to the Trump campaign I think doing? What theyre doing is the right thing, but theres a lot of things happening across the country that are organic, that the campaign is not even having to stir and stimulate. Let me give an example: all over the country there are these boat floatillas, where thousands of people just show up at a bay, a river, a lake. You know the Gulf of Mexico, they are just going out and thousands of boats with Trump signs are out there, showing their support for the president. You seen truck parades, and this is not happening because the campaign sent in somebody to organize it and get it all ready. These are just things that are
happening. That is a level of enthusiasm. You just dont, see in the Biden campaign. Not at all I mean if Joe Biden had a boat parade, you might get a couple of people in a row boat, going across a 20 foot lake saying who opee, but there is no enthusiasm for Joe Biden there, just isnt theres enthusiasm against President Trump, but here is something I think we got to remember. Ultimately, this election is not going to be even about the two candidates or their personalities or the two parties, its about two very different directions for this country. One says we need law and order. We need safety in our streets and cities. We need to stand with our police, not defund them. The other one says defund the police, let the mobs run. One says here: are the people ill put on the courts? The other one says im not going to tell you. You just have to wait and see what happens. One campaign says we believe in America. First, the other one says well sell off to China and let them take our jobs, just like we did with my son Hunter were going to. Let him make a
bunch of money while im in office I mean I couldnt, be I guess more amazed that some people think this is about the personal all it of President Trump, because on one hand, youve got a president whose absolutely Staun Ched Pro Life and the others believe the taxpayers ought to fund abortion up to the moment of birth. This is about our country and its future. Its about free market capital, ism versus socialism. Theres a lot at stake here and neither candidate got on the campaign trail. We still have an important decision to make November three PETE Governor. I agree with you: it should be about those policies, but I think what we see is a campaign shaking up of Donald Trumps, personality against Kamala Harris and Joe Bidens policies. You laid it out yourself, theres, no enthusiasm for Joe Biden as a person, theres enthusiasm against Donald Trump, so listen youve been on that debate stage. Governor MIKE Pence takes the debate stage this week. So if you want to make this campaign about
Biden and Harris policies, put yourself in MIKE Pences shoes this coming week, what do you do? Two big strategies I think he will employ one? Is he recognizes that when you are debating a woman, it is a little different. I had two women opponents in the course of my political life, one on one. You have to be forceful enough, so you dont look like a wimp, but you also have to be careful enough so that you dont look like a bully and you balance that, but the main thing that MIKE Pence must do- and I know he will do this- is to call out Kamala Harris for what she has said about. Joe Biden call her out for her own inconsistency. Just ask her: does she believe in court stacking? Does she believe in statehood for d, dot C and Puerto Rico? Does she believe in ending the filibuster, which, essentially is, do you believe in dismantling our system of government as we have practiced it press her hard on the issue of the Green New deal
press her hard on issues like socialism, Antifa defunding, the police, her own record, as attorney general, I mean hes got a treasure, trov e of stuff to go with and its a matter and hell do it in a most gentle way, but he will show that contrast and give Americans a chance to see wow what a difference the choice is. Will I hope its not a choice over personalities and I hope, as you point out, governor its a choice over two very different.
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