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Mike Huckabee on Trump's 2020 legal battle, Georgia Senate runoffs

2020-12-03 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee provides analysis on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Seats thats Griff Jenkins, the latest there meanwhile lets bring in Governor MIKE Huckabee Fox NEWS, Tributer, former g dot, Op Presidential Canada, author of the three CS, that made America great Christianity, capitalism and the constitution. A lot of people come forward and a lot of affidavits signed it doesnt seem to be the number that would overturn the election according to the Department of Justice. Today, it all shifts to Nevada, where Joe Biden won the six electoral college delegates before certification. How is this whole process going because governor when it comes to wins and losses, the president seems to be getting a lot of losses? Well, he does, but in many cases Brian its because you know I keep hearing people say there is notified, yet they have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits of people sworn to tell the truth under penalty of perjury, which means, if theyre proven to be liars about this, they go to prison. They are coming forward.
Is it enough to change the election? I dont know. Frankly, nobody knows because nobody is being willing to get into the details of how many votes actually could have been changed by the voting machine irregularities, the mathematical anomalies. There are just a lot of questions, so I dont know that it would change it. I just dont know, but the fact is we cant know unless someone digs in to how many ballots were lost in the chain of possession thats a big issue, how many different pieces of software were used? We have a number of people with sworn affidavits and I hear people say there is no evidence its unsubstantiated. Well, then, somebody is lying because there is some evidence out there. I dont know how we get to the boss of it. No Steve. We did hear from Bill Barr when he said the other day to the Associated press. He said there was no. They had not seen systemic widespread fraud that would have overturned the election,
but they did. He also said that the Department of Justice did look to see if there had been systemic fraud and looked intoto. The allegation that some machine somehow flipped votes- and they said there was no evidence of that, but moving on and Brian touched on this a moment ago, part of the presidents legacy will be to make sure that a Democrat Senate does not tear apart the things he has got in place right now, in fact, the president tweeted, I will be going to Georgia for a big Trump rally in support of our two great republican senators, David and Kelly. They are fantastic people who love their country and love their state. We must work hard and be sure they win, so he is all in on going down on Saturday night. How much can he help them? Given the fact that you know his race, he feelings is unsettled, but he would like to help them with theirs. Well, it shows a great unselfness on his support,
an understanding that his role is not over. Even if the election is you will. I think it also shows that he recognizes that his duty to the country is to make sure that Chuck, Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden dont just run ram shot over the process of our whole country. They have said they dont agree with the Americas, America Presi View of America first, I wish they would tell us which country they would put first, if its, not the United States, let us know which one is better than us, which one do they have a greater level of responsibility for many of us have appreciated the President saying America. First, its put people back to work, its grown our economy, retired people have better 401ks because of it. I just like to know if these two Senate candidates in Georgia dont want to put America first, who do they want to put first Brian Joe Biden wants to use that line now. Is he using it good for Joe
Ainsley tough watch this Sunday night, because at 645 eastern we are going to have special coverage of that Georgia run off debate between Senator Kelly, Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, so stay tuned for that lets? Move on to another topic we wanted to you ask you about this. Is the Austin Mayor telling people on November ninth to stay at home if they can watch this and we need to, you know, stay home. If you can do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down, this is not the time to relax. We may have close things down. If were not careful Ainsley turns out governor, though he made that announcement from Mexico, he was on a family vacation. His daughter got married. The whole family takes a private plane down to Mexico, and is he telling his constituents his people in Austin to stay at home? He says after he got caught. I regret this travel. My fear is that this travel, even having happened during a safer period, could be used by
some as justification for risky behavior. In hindsight and Ingeg, though it violated no order, it set a bad example for which I apologize. You were governor. I have heard you talk about it before who said I was working at Christmas. He came in and was working at Christmas too. He said why are you here? He said im never going to do something im asking you to do your thoughts, as I just said, and you mentioned leaders, never ask others to do what they are unwilling to do. This guy was asking the people of Austin to do something that he wasnt willing to do. Hes, not a leader, and I will tell you he is ordered to stay home. Ive got news. What he should do is resign and then he can stay home. Can he stay home for the rest of his life? But anyone who has done this to the people of Austin and shut them down, but he doesnt shut himself down. He ought to do the honorable thing, the right thing. He should resign and let someone be mayor who wont tell people to do what he didnt do. His message to them was
basically let them eat cake and in his case it was wedding, cake, Brian governor. I know there is a lot of responsibility when you are the governor of a state when you say to these leaders these mayors and governors that have owe preserve restrictions on while they get paid Governor Newsom the mayor in San Francisco, the assembly woman in Santa Monica this Austin mayor, I mean you have tough decisions when you are in charge. I get it, but at this point, why should the american people listen to these politicians? Well, they shouldnt. They ought to listen to their own good common sense and take precautions and be careful. Covid is real, its killing people. I lost a dear friend of mine, a former staff member with me at the governors office Monday night, who died of covid. Its serious and people are being injured by it. But what I would say is that when people shut down businesses and entire economies, the government officials who make
the decision should not take a paycheck until the people that they have shut down are allowed to take theirs. That will give a much different perspective to the people who are making these decisions and again thats. Lead by example, go be the first person out there on the battlefield and the last one to put your feet up from that ground of battle. Thats. What leaders do and these guys arent leaders and if they were, they would be managing this very differently, Steve all right, Governor MIKE Huckabee joining us from his location, I believe in the Panhandle of Florida.
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